Genshin Impact Character Materials Cheatsheet for Talents and Ascension
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Genshin Impact Character Materials Cheatsheet for Talents and Ascension

Genshin Impact Character Materials Cheatsheet for Talents and Ascension

Every Genshin Impact character requires specific materials to level up their talents and ascend to the next tier. While some materials are the same, depending on the characters’ visions, others vary and are difficult to memorize. For that reason, we wanted to make this Genshin Impact character material cheatsheet so you can get all the information you need in one place. 

The list below includes every resource you need to farm broken out by character. You’ll notice some overlap on talent level up and ascension materials, as every character uses the same secondary talent level up materials in their ascension. 

We’ll keep this updated as new characters are introduced into the game, or if things change in future updates and patches.

Genshin Impact Character Materials Cheatsheet for Talents and Ascension

Talent MaterialsBoss MaterialsCommon MaterialsAscension MaterialsLocal SpecialtyAscension Materials
AlbedoTeachings of BalladTusk of Monoceros CaeliDivining ScrollPrithiva Topaz SliverCeciliaBasalt Pillar
AmberTeachings of FreedomDvalin’s SighFirm ArrowheadAgnidus Agate SliverSmall Lamp GrassEverflame Seed
BarbaraTeachings of FreedomRing of BoreasDivining ScrollVarunada Lazurite SliverPhilanemo MushroomCleansing Heart
BeidouTeachings of GoldDvalin’s SighTreasure Hoarder’s InsigniaVajrada Amethyst SliverNoctilous JadeLightning Prism
BennettTeachings of ResistanceDvalin’s PlumeTreasure Hoarder’s InsigniaAgnidus Agate SliverWindwheel AsterEverflame Seed
ChildeTeachings of FreedomShard of a Foul LegacyRecruit’s InsigniaVarunada Lazurite SliverStarconchCleansing Heart
ChongyunTeachings of DiligenceDvalin’s SighDamaged MaskShivada Jade SliverCor LapisHoarfrost Core
DilucTeachings of ResistanceDvalin’s PlumeRecruit’s InsigniaAgnidus Agate SliverSmall Lamp GrassEverflame Seed
DionaTeachings of FreedomShard of a Foul LegacyFirm ArrowheadShivada Jade SliverCalla LilyHoarfrost Core
EulaTeachings of DiligenceDamaged MaskDandelion SeedHoarfrost Core
FishclTeachings of BalladSpirit Locket of BoreasFirm ArrowheadVajrada Amethyst SliverSmall Lamp GrassLightning Prism
GanyuTeachings of DiligenceShadow of the WarriorShimmering NectarShivada Jade SliverQingxinHoarfrost Core
Hu TaoTeachings of DiligenceShard of a Foul LegacyWhopperflower NectarAgnidus Agate SliverSilk FlowerJuvenile Jade
JeanTeachings of ResistanceDvalin’s PlumeDamaged MaskVayuda Turqoise SliverDandelion SeedHurricane Seed
KaeyaTeachings of BalladSpirit Locket of BoreasTreasure Hoarders InsigniaShivada Jade SliverCalla LilyHoarfrost Core
KeqingTeachings of ProsperityRing of BoreasWhopperflower NectarVajrada Amethyst SliverCor LapisLightning Prism
KleeTeachings of FreedomRing of BoreasDivining ScrollAgnidus Agate SliverPhilanemo MushroomEverflame Seed
LisaTeachings of BalladDvalin’s ClawSlime CondensateVajrada Amethyst SliverTarberryLightning Prism
MonaTeachings of ResistanceRing of BoreasWhopperflower NectarVarunada Lazurite SliverPhilanemo MushroomCleansing Heart
NingguangTeachings of ProsperitySpirit Locket of BoreasRecruit’s InsigniaPrithiva Topaz SliverGlaze LilyBasalt Pillar
NoelleTeachings of ResistanceDvalin’s ClawDamaged MaskPrithiva Topaz SliverTarberryBasalt Pillar
QiqiTeachings of ProsperityTail of BoreasDivining ScrollShivada Jade SliverVioletgrassHoarfrost Core
RazorTeachings of ResistanceDvalin’s ClawDamaged MaskVajrada Amethyst SliverWolfhookLightning Prism
SucroseTeachings of FreedomSpirit Locket of BoreasWhopperflower NectarVayuda Turqoise SliverWindwheel AsterHurricane Seed
TravelerDvalin’s Sigh / Tail of BoreasDamaged MaskBrilliant Diamond SliverWindwheel Aster
VentiTeachings of BalladTail of BoreasSlime CondensateVayuda Turqoise SliverCeciliaHurricane Seed
XianglingTeachings of DiligenceDvalin’s ClawSlime CondensateAgnidus Agate SliverJueyun ChiliEverflame Seed
XiaoTeachings of ProsperityShadow of the WarriorSlime CondensateVayuda Turqoise SliverQingxinHurricane Seed
XingqiuTeachings of GoldTail of BoreasDamaged MaskShivada Jade SliverSilk FlowersHoarfrost Core
XinyanTeachings of GoldTusk of Monoceros CaeliTreasure Hoarder’s InsigniaAgnidus Agate SliverVioletgrassEverflame Seed
YanfeiTeachings of GoldTreasure Hoarder’s InsigniaAgnidus Agate SliverNoctilous JadeJuvenile Jade
ZhongliTeachings of GoldTusk of Monoceros CaeliSlime CondensatePrithiva Topaz SliverCor LapisBasalt Pillar

How-to Farm Materials in Genshin Impact

For players below Adventure Rank 40, we recommend spending your Resin on Talent Materials and Weapon Ascension domains. Avoid Artifact domains if you can because you will certainly need all the materials in the later levels. It may not feel like it early on, but your resources dwindle at higher levels. Additionally, at Adventure Rank 40 (World Rank 5), you can farm five-star Artifacts from domains.

To find specific “Teachings” books, open up your Adventurer’s Handbook and search for the piece you need. Domains rotate loot tables depending on the day of the week, so pay attention to that. You can also find the items you need under the bosses tab.

Genshin Impact Talent Books Schedule

Here’s a breakdown of domain talent book drops by day:

Forsaken RiftTaishan Mansion

We hope this guide helps you out because memorizing this information can be difficult! To help us out, bookmark this page and share it with anyone who may find it useful. For any assistance farming these materials or to know where to find them, check out our Genshin Impact section for guides.

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