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Best Hu Tao Build in Genshin Impact

Best Hu Tao Build in Genshin Impact
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Hu Tao is officially available in Genshin Impact, and she’s an incredible DPS, even at base constellations. Not only that, but she makes a great addition to many teams and synergizes well with off-field supports like Xingqiu. Here’s a look at the best Hu Tao build in Genshin Impact, including weapons, artifacts, and stats to prioritize. 

The best way to play Hu Tao is to stay under 50% HP to take advantage of the Sanguine Rouge passive talent. When at 50% or less HP, Hu Tao’s Pyro DMG Bonus increases by 33%, providing a significant DPS boost. Spirit Soother also scales very well when she’s low HP. For that reason, you may want to consider running shields so she can maintain that low HP without dying. Hu Tao also provides CRIT Rate to the party with her Flutter By passive talent, making her a great addition to almost any team. 

Best Hu Tao Build in Genshin Impact

Here’s the best stats, weapons, and artifacts for Hu Tao:

  • Weapons: Staff of Homa, Deathmatch, Dragon’s Bane
  • Artifacts: Crimson Witch of Flames, Lavawalker
  • Stats: Crit DMG, Crit Rate, Pyro DMG, HP%

Hu Tao Weapons

The best weapon for Hu Tao is, hands down, the Staff of Homa. It’s a new weapon that seems to be specifically made for this hero. The Crit DMG secondary stat is massive, and the bonus is killer. Reckless Cinnabar increases HP by 20% and provides an ATK bonus based on 0.8% of the wielder’s Max HP. Additionally, whenever the wielder’s HP is less than 50%, the ATK Bonus increases by an additional 1% of Max HP.

For players who do not have the Staff of Homa, you can consider the four-star Deathmatch polearm. Another good option for those who like to spam Vaporize is Dragon’s Bane, particularly at rank 5. 

Free-to-play options include weapons like Black Tassel and White Tassel. I’d personally opt for the latter for the CRIT Rate and normal attack DMG bonus passive.

Hu Tao Artifacts

Perhaps the best set you’ll want to focus on for Hu Tao is the four-piece Crimson Witch of Flames. It is especially true if you are continually proccing reactions. The two-piece bonus offers a +15% Pyro DMG Bonus, while the four-piece increases overload and burning DMG by 40%, and Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. 

Another viable set is Lavawalkers, mainly if you don’t spam reactions with Hu Tao. Lavawalkers four-piece increases DMG against opponents affected by Pyro by 35%, which certainly benefits Hu Tao. Another possible option, in theory, is the four-piece Retracing Bolide, though I’ve not personally run this setup.

Hu Tao Stats

First, you’ll want some HP% on your Sands of Eon due to Hu Tao’s scaling. As for the Goblet, you’ll want to boost your elemental damage with a Pyro DMG Bonus stat. For the remaining Artifact pieces, you’ll want to focus on CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate. If you’re unsure what numbers to aim for, try for somewhere in the 2:1 ballpark range (CRIT DMG to CRIT Rate). 

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