How To Unlock Secret Upper Vale Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact

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When you need to discover new and hidden teleport waypoints in Genshin Impact, that usually means that you’ll have to perform a couple of tasks first. It can be either World Quests or some side missions with puzzles.

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The secret Upper Vale Teleport waypoint is one that many players are looking to unlock. It’s not easy since there are more than a few steps that you need to perform before you can use it. However, it’s not impossible, and the sooner you dive into our article, the sooner you’ll be able to use the teleport!

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How to Find Underground Upper Vale Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact

Here is our guide on how to quickly find and use the Underground Upper Vale Teleport waypoint in Genshin Impact. You’ll have some questing to do, but nothing’s too hard for a true Genshin adventurer, right?

First step: Complete quest A Wangshan Walk to Remember in Yilong Wharf, Liyue. See the map below for details.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist / Genshin Impact Map

Second step: Complete the quest Scrolls and Sword Manuals of Guhua. For this quest, you’ll need to go down to the Arcane Archive, search it, and find the secret stashed there. You’ll do that by interacting with the bookshelves until you see secret scrolls.

When the secret has been discovered, the water level will drop in the room, allowing you to go into the cave. Go down that cave, turn left, and soon enough, you’ll see your Secret Underground Upper Vale Teleport waypoint. See the map below for its exact location. Keep in mind that this is underground.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist / Genshin Impact Map

We hope you found the waypoint without too much trouble! Follow up on our other Genshin Impact stories here How to Solve Chizhang Map Puzzle in Genshin Impact and How to Use Spirit Carp in Genshin Impact.

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