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Best Keqing Build in Genshin Impact

Best Keqing Build in Genshin Impact

Keqing is a sword-wielding Electro five-star character in Genshin Impact. Keqing’s abilities all scale off of the ATK stat, and they deal a ton of damage. If you’re in dire need of an Electro hero for your team composition, Keqing is a safe bet. This guide will go over our version of the best Keqing build in Genshin Impact, including which weapons and Artifacts to acquire.

Before diving into the guide, you should know there are many viable weapon and Artifact options for Keqing. As you level up your Adventure Rank, Keqing’s Electro damage will be crucial, so that’s something to focus on for the end game. 

Best Keqing Build in Genshin Impact

Here are the best weapons, artifacts, and stats to focus on for Keqing:

  • Weapons: The Flute, Iron Sting, The Black Sword
  • Stats: ATK%, ATK, Electro Bonus
  • Artifacts: Berserker, Instructor, Exile, Gladiator

Best Keqing Weapons

There are a few good options Keqing can use for weapons. Either the Battle Pass or craftable prototype weapons are viable, along with The Flute. 

The Flute is an excellent option to maximize DPS with Keqing, but it’s not an easy weapon to obtain and refine unless you get lucky from Wishes. It has base ATK and ATK% with a Chord passive that gives normal and charged attacks Harmonics. The Harmonics triggers the power of music and deal 100% ATK DMG to surrounding enemies, lasting up to 30 seconds. 

Iron Sting grants Elemental Mastery and ATK stats, with the Infusion Stinger passive. The passive ability gives a 6% increase to all damage after doing elemental damage. Iron Sting is craftable, so it’s easy enough to obtain for your Keqing if you have the materials on hand.

Finally, for those players who purchased the Battle Pass, you can go with The Black Sword. The weapon offers ATK and CRIT Rate base stats, with the Justice passive. The passive ability increases damage done by regular and charged attacks by 20%. It also regenerates 60% of ATK as HP when normal and charged attacks CRIT, once every 5 seconds.

Best Keqing Stats

When it comes to stats, you want to go for ATK%, ATK, and Electro bonus damage on the Goblet Artifact. You can also look at picking up Physical bonus damage early on if you don’t get lucky with an Electro Goblet. 

As you level up Keqing and get better and better gear, her elemental damage will be doing a bulk of the damage. Therefore, we think Electro bonus damage is an important stat. 

Best Keqing Artifacts

Picking the best Artifacts depends entirely on how you want to build her. Some good options are:

Artifact SetTwo-pieceFour-piece
InstructorIncreases Elemental Mastery by 80After using Elemental Skill, increases all party members’ Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8 seconds.
ExileEnergy Recharge +20%Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for other party members every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Does not stack.
BerserkerCRIT Rate +12%When HP is below 70%, CRIT Rate increases by an extra 24%.
GladiatorATK +18%If the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore, or Polearm, increases their normal attack damage by 35%.

You can choose the Instructor set if you are looking to maximize combo damage. Another option is Exile if you want to use Keqing primarily for ultimate ability spam. For those who want to go with pure ATK, you can run Berserker and Gladiator.

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