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How to farm Recruit’s Insignias in Genshin Impact

How to farm Recruit's Insignias in Genshin Impact

When it comes to leveling up your character’s talents, you’ll need to farm several types of resources. One resource you may need a lot of is Recruit’s Insignias. Luckily, collecting them is pretty easy, thanks to the Adventurer’s Handbook. Here’s how to farm Recruit’s Insignias in Genshin Impact.

How to farm Recruit’s Insignias in Genshin Impact

Recruit’s Insignias drop from Skirmishers, Agents, and Electro Cicin Mages. Open your Adventurer’s Handbook and go to the bosses tab. Here are the potential bosses that drop Recruit’s Insignias:

  • Mondstadt
    • Fatui Electro Cicin Mage
    • Fatui Skirmisher – Anemoboxer Vanguard
  • Liyue
    • Fatui Pyro Agent
    • Fatui Skirmisher – Geochanter Bracer

Out of these four bosses, we recommend farming the Fatui Skirmishers as much as possible. The reason is that the Pyro Agents and Cicin Mages have other items in their loot table, so you’re not guaranteed to get any Insignias. Click on the Skirmisher for each region and select Navigate. Doing this pinpoints on the map, so you know exactly where they are. 

After you’ve slain all the Fatui Skirmishers on the map, you’ll need to wait about ten hours for them to respawn. To upgrade Recruit’s Insignias to Sergeant’s Insignias and Lieutenant’s Insignias, you can do so at the crafting table. It takes three of one to upgrade it to one of the next tiers.

You can farm many types of materials using this method, so make sure to take advantage of the Adventurer’s Handbook. Farm these bosses whenever they are up if you want to have maximum efficiency. That’s how to farm Recruit’s Insignias in Genshin Impact. Good luck!

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