How To Achieve 100% Exploration Progress In Genshin Impact
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How To Achieve 100% Exploration Progress In Genshin Impact

How To Achieve 100% Exploration Progress In Genshin Impact

Reaching 100% Exploration Progress might not give a reward itself, however, it will push you to explore more of Teyvat and naturally find more treasure on your journey. The game provides you with all the tools to complete your Exploration Progress, so those of you who like to stay away from the crowdsourced maps online can breathe a sigh of relief now. Here’s our guide on how to achieve 100% exploration progress in Genshin Impact.

Considering how massive the game is, we have opted to give you some useful adventure experience to complete your Exploration Progress. The advantage this kind of information has over a map of locations is that it can help you in all aspects of the game rather than just one. Exploration Progress is impacted by so many game features that it would only be beneficial to train your adventure skills now rather than later, especially before future map updates occur.

Note: While this guide will not cover specifics about completing Dragonspine’s Exploration Progress, many of the tips (besides the Gadgets) will still be helpful.

How To Achieve 100% Exploration Progress In Genshin Impact - Complete

How To Achieve 100% Exploration Progress In Genshin Impact

The following three sections highlight the features of Genshin Impact that have been proven to increase Exploration Progress in their respective areas.

Statue of the Seven and Teleport Waypoints

Opening up your map by activating Statues of the Seven and Teleport Waypoints is by far the best way to increase your Exploration Progress. Not only will you get to see the wonders of Teyvat, but we guarantee you’ll stumble across plenty of Treasure Chests, Oculi, and more by unlocking these integral locations. 


While many interactive online maps display the precise locations of all Oculi, a more satisfying alternative may be to spend time at the Alchemy Table crafting Geoculus or Anemoculus Resonance Stones. You must be Adventure Rank 25 and have Reputation Level 2 in Mondstadt and/or Liyue to receive the corresponding recipes to these Gadgets. 

Unfortunately, each Resonance Stone has only a single-use before vanishing from your inventory. Stock up on some of these materials if you want to craft several Anemoculus or Geoculus Resonance Stones:

  • Crafting materials needed for Anemoculus Resonance Stone: Dandelion Seed (x5), Cecilia (x5), Crystal Chunk (x1)
  • Crafting materials needed for Geoculus Resonance Stone: Cor Lapis (x5), Glaze Lily (x5), Crystal Chunk (x1)

Treasure Chests (Seelies, Ruin Puzzles, Balloon Flowers, etc.)

Like the Oculi, there is an underrated in-game gadget that will help you find all the (wonderfully) hidden Treasure Chests of Teyvat. Thankfully, this Gadget does not disappear after one use and stays in your inventory permanently. Keep in mind that it may point you towards a Treasure Chest hidden behind breakable rocks or unsolved puzzles!

As a reward for reaching Reputation Level 6 in Mondstadt and/or Liyue, you are given the blueprints to these Treasure Compass Gadgets. Just make sure you head to the Blacksmith to forge them and not to the Alchemy Table by mistake…

  • Forging materials needed for Anemo Treasure Compass: Golden Raven Insignia (10), Philanemo Mushrooms (30), Crystal Chunks (50)
  • Forging materials needed for Geo Treasure Compass: Golden Raven Insignia (10), Cor Lapis (30), Crystal Chunks (50)

You can check out our guide on where to farm Treasure Hoarder Insignias to help you get the necessary Golden Raven Insignia material.

Note: 100% Exploration Progress does not mean every Treasure Chest has been found. You can continue to use your Treasure Compasses to find more chests, although they may be much more difficult to spot!

Tips For Adventurers

If you’re looking for ways to increase your Exploration Progress and you’re not quite to the Adventure Rank or Reputation Levels we mentioned earlier, just enjoy the view as you play and follow these general adventure tips.

  • Collect every shiny thing you see, you’ll thank us later.
  • Try to get high ground so you can overlook your surroundings and don’t miss anything.
  • Take advantage of Elemental Sight! It will help you spot everything easier.  
  • Use your Map Pins to help you keep your bearings and mark the stuff you choose to skip over.

Many of Genshin Impact’s core features are reliant on exploration and daily cycles. If you see something interesting in the distance (crystal ore, ancient ruins, giant glowing trees), go towards it immediately. Experience suggests that getting distracted in Genshin Impact is actually a good thing. After all, stockpiling materials and money is essential for leveling up all your favorite characters and weapons. 

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