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Best Diluc Build in Genshin Impact

Best Diluc Build in Genshin Impact
Best Diluc Build in Genshin Impact

Diluc is one of the most picked and most sought after characters in Genshin Impact. Getting him is no easy task, but he quickly becomes a vital part of the team when you’re lucky enough to pull him. Here’s our version of the best Diluc build in Genshin Impact.

If you’re new to Diluc, it’s essential to understand how to weave in auto-attacks between every Searing Onslaught attack. Your rotation should be to make a normal attack, then Searing Onslaught, followed by another normal attack, followed by Searing Onslaught, and so on until the move is complete. Do not merely spam Searing Onslaught continuously, because you’re missing out on vital DPS by doing that.

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Best Diluc Build in Genshin Impact

Here’s the best stats, weapons, and artifacts to focus on at the moment for Diluc:

  • Stats: ATK%, ATK, CRIT%, Pyro Damage
  • WeaponsPrototype Aminus, Wolf’s Gravestone
  • Artifacts: Berserker, Gladiator’s Finale, Crimson Witch of Flames

Diluc Stats

All of Diluc’s abilities scale with his ATK stat; therefore, that’s what you want to prioritize. Focus on double ATK rolls on every piece of gear you can, especially on the Gladiator’s set. Later on in the game, you can also add some CRIT DMG and CRIT% to the mix. You’ll be pumping out big numbers by focusing on these stats.

Overall, focus on ATK%, CRIT%, CRIT DMG, and ATK in the endgame. Deciding between ATK% and CRIT% priority is up to you, as they seem to have around the same effect on damage. Diluc also benefits from Pyro damage increases, because he uses his elemental skill more than other characters.

Diluc Weapons

Here’s are the best Diluc weapons in Genshin Impact:

Weapon NameWeapon TypeBase StatsBase StatsPassive
Prototype AminusClaymoreATK%ATKCrush: On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to deal an additional 300% ATK DMG to enemies within a small AoE. Can only occur once every 15s.
Wolf’s GravestoneClaymoreATK%ATKWolfish Tracker: Increases ATK by 20%. On hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increase all party members’ ATK by 40% for 12s. Can only occur once every 30s.

The best starter weapon for Diluc is Prototype Aminus, a craftable weapon from any Blacksmith in Mondstadt or Liyue. There’s one reason why this weapon is so good: Crush. The passive causes regular or charged attacks to have a 50% chance to deal an extra 240% ATK DMG to enemies in an AoE once every 15 seconds. Additionally, this is an easy weapon to refine.

For your ultimate best-in-slot weapon, you’re going to want to get your hands on Wolf’s Gravestone claymore. The Wolfish Tracker passive grants increased ATK by 25%. On a hit, attacks against enemies will less than 30% HP increase all party members’ ATK by 50% for 12 seconds. It has double ATK stats and an insane passive buff, making it the most potent five-star weapon for Diluc.

Diluc Artifacts

The best Artifacts for Diluc in Genshin Impact are:

Artifact SetTwo-piece BonusFour-piece Bonus
BerserkerCRIT Rate +12%When HP is below 60%, the CRIT Rate increases by 24%.
Gladiator’s FinaleATK +18%If the wielder uses a Sword, Claymore, or Polarm, increase their normal attack damage by 35%.
Crimson Witch of FlamesPyro DMG Bonus +15%Increases Overloaded and Burning damage by 50%. Increases Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. Using an elemental skill increases two-piece set effects by 50% for 10s, and can stack 3x.

In the early game, you can run a four-piece Berserker’s set for the bonus. When you start getting into the mid-game, focus on having a full Gladiator’s Finale set with ATK on every piece. Rolling double ATK is the goal, but it’s not a deal-breaker because Diluc does massive damage regardless.

The ideal set to aim for is Crimson Witch of Flames, but it’s going to be challenging to acquire. You can only farm it after Adventure Rank 40 from domains. Diluc’s ultimate ability sets his claymore on fire, so this set synergizes exceptionally well with him. He also consistently uses his elemental skill three times over, which will get you the max set bonus stacks on every use. You receive a 60% damage buff from this set, plus the reaction damage. In comparison, Gladiator only provides a 35% flat ATK boost. 

Diluc Constellations

Here are Diluc’s constellations:

  • Conviction: Diluc deals 15% more DMG to enemies above 50% HP.
  • Searing Ember: When Dilux takes DMG, his Base ATK increases by 10% and his ATK SPD increases by 5% for ten seconds. It can stack up to three times once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Fire and Steel: Increases the level of Searing Onslaught by three.
  • Flowing Flame: Casting Searing Onslaught increases damage dealt. Within two seconds of using the ability, the next Searing Onslaught in the combo deals 40% extra damage for two seconds.
  • Phoenix, Harbinger of Dawn: Increases the level of Dawn by three.
  • Flaming Sword, Nemesis of Dark: After casting Searing Onslaught, the next two Normal Attacks within the next six seconds have their DMG and ATK SPD increases by 30%. Also, Searing Onslaught does not interrupt the Normal Attack combo.

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