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Best Ningguang Build in Genshin Impact

Best Ningguang Build in Genshin Impact

Ningguang is the only ranged Geo character in Genshin Impact at the moment. Being Geo, she is useful at destroying shields in high-level domains and spiral abyss dungeons. She also has beneficial defensive moves in her kit that make her a great addition to any team. Here is our version of the best Ningguang build in Genshin Impact. We’ll look at which weapons, artifacts, and stats to focus on for this Geo character. 

Best Ningguang Build in Genshin Impact

Here are the best weapons, stats, and artifacts to focus on for Ningguang:

  • Weapon: Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, Solar Pearl, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, Skyward Atlas
  • Stats: CRIT%, CRIT, ATK%, Geo Damage
  • Artifacts: Archaic Petra + Gladiator’s Finale

Best Ningguang Weapons

Here’s a breakdown of the best weapons for Ningguang by star level.


One of the best three-star weapons for Ningguang is the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. This catalyst increases the attack of a character by 24% when switching characters for ten seconds. 

For a more DPS oriented build, the Magic Guide catalyst is an okay three-star option. The passive increases damage against enemies affected by Hydro or Electro by 12%. 


For four-star weapons, we recommend using The Widsith or Solar Pearl. The Widsith gives a random theme song to a character when they take the field. Depending on the song, it can either increase base attack by 60%, increase elemental mastery by 240, or increase elemental damage by 48%.

The Solar Pearl causes normal attack hits to increase Elemental Skill and Burst damage by 20% for six seconds. Also, Elemental Skill or Burst hits increase normal attack damage by 20%. 

In terms of craftable weapons, the Mappa Mare is not a bad option. The passive causes elemental reactions to grant a 8% Elemental damage bonus for ten seconds, for a max of two stacks.


The best five-star weapon for Ningguang is the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. It has a base CRIT Rate bonus and the Boundless Blessing passive. The passive increases movement speed by 10% and grants a 6% elemental damage bonus every four seconds in the battle for a max of four stacks. As Ningguang is out on the field longer, her damage begins to ramp up significantly. 

However, if you want to switch off Ningguang and not have her out in battle a lot, you can go with the Skyward Atlas. It has a base ATK stat and the Wandering Clouds passive. The passive increases elemental damage bonus by 12% and causes regular attacks to have a 50% chance to earn the clouds’ favor, which seeks out enemies to attack, dealing 160% attack damage. 

Best Ningguang Stats

In terms of stats, you want to focus primarily on critical hit chance and critical damage. Secondary to that, you’ll want to look for ATK% and ATK damage sub-stats. We recommend looking for a helmet Artifact with a primary CRIT% roll. We also recommend running plus Geo damage bonus as the primary stat on your Goblet.

Best Ningguang Artifacts

Early on, there are not many great sets for Ningguang. For that reason, she’s more of an endgame character who benefits most from post-AR40 Artifacts. Decent mid-game sets are Gladiator, Sojourner, and Bravery.

The best sets for Ningguang are Archaic Petra, for the two-piece bonus that increases Geo damage by 15%. The four-piece bonus is not great for Ningguang, so we recommend coupling Archaic Petra with the Gladiator’s Finale for the extra 18% attack damage bonus.

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