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Best Xinyan Build in Genshin Impact

Best Xinyan Build in Genshin Impact
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Xinyan is a new featured character introduced alongside Zhongli on the Gentry of Hermitage banner. She is the guitar-wielding (claymore) rockstar of Liyue that uses the power of Pyro to light everyone around her ablaze. She makes a great addition to any team with Cryo and Electro characters. In this guide, we take a look at some potential best Xinyan builds in Genshin Impact.

Xinyan’s primary ability grants her a shield that is as powerful as the number of enemies she can hit with the move. For maximum shield strength, you need to hit three or more enemies, at which point the shield also emits Pyro damage. Luckily, one of Xinyan’s talents decreases the number of enemies you need to hit for the shield strength to improve.

You can build Xinyan as support or a primary damage dealer, and she performs well in either role. She excels at constellations two and four, but she is also effective at constellation zero. She’s excellent at setting up elemental reactions and dishing out physical damage, similar to Razor. Let’s take a look at some build options.

Best Xinyan Build in Genshin Impact

Here are the best weapons, stats, and artifacts to use on Xinyan:

  • Weapons: The Unforged, Serpent Spine, Prototype Aminus
  • Stats: ATK%, CRIT%, CRIT DMG, ATK, DEF
  • Artifacts: Retracing Bolide, Lavawalker’s, Gladiator

Best Xinyan Weapons

One of the new weapons releasing alongside Xinyan is The Unforged, and it seems built just for her. The Golden Majesty passive increases shield strength by 20%. Scoring hits on opponents increases ATK by 4% for 8-seconds and can stack five times. While protected by a shield, this ATK increase effect is increased by 100%.

Other viable weapon options are the Battle Pass weapon, Serpent Spine, and the craftable Prototype Aminus. Both of these are relatively easy to obtain, which is why we want to include them on the list. 

Considering Xinyan’s long ability cooldowns, you may also want to consider running weapons with Energy Recharge like Skyward Pride or Sacrificial Greatsword. The choice is yours and depends on how you want to build her. Also, Wolf’s Gravestone is another reliable option if you have no other character to wield it.

Best Xinyan Stats

Stat priorities depend on how you want to build Xinyan. You can rarely go wrong by focusing on primary damage stats like attack and critical. Considering Xinyan is dealing a lot of physical damage, you can go for a Physical DMG Bonus roll on the Goblet. 

For secondary stats, you will almost certainly want to focus on DEF because it helps scale Xinyan’s shield. Another good option is Energy Recharge to help with the long cooldown times.

Best Xinyan Artifacts

Given Xinyan’s shield uptime, the Retracing Bolide set seems to be the best option at the moment. The two-set offers a 35% increase in shield effectiveness, while the four-piece grants an additional 40% normal and charged attack damage while under the protection of a shield. You can get nearly 100% uptime at constellation two, so Retracing Bolide is the ideal set for Xinyan.

Another attractive 5-star option for the best Xinyan build in Genshin Impact is Lavawalker’s because of her level three shield emitting Pyro damage. The set would therefore give Xinyan a 35% semi-permanent damage increase with the four-piece bonus.

Players under Adventure Rank 40 may want to focus on gear sets like Berserker and Gladiator’s Finale. Other budget alternatives include a split Gladiator and Bloodstained two-piece. It comes down to whatever gear sets you can get the best rolls on while you’re farming out the Artifacts. 

Xinyan Talents

  • Dance on Fire: Normal Attack
  • Sweeping Fervor: Xinyan brandishes her instrument, dealing Pyro DMG on nearby enemies, forming a shield made out of her audience’s passion. The shield’s damage absorption scaled based on Xinyan’s DEF and on the number of enemies hit. The shield infused Xinyan with Pyro and has 250% damage absorption against Pyro damage.
    • 0-1 enemy hit: grants shield Level 1: Ad Lib
    • 2 enemies hit: grants shield level 2: Lead-In
    • 3+ enemies hit: grants shield level 3: Rave, which deals intermittent Pyro damage to nearby enemies.
  • Riff Revolution: Strumming rapidly, Xinyan launches nearby enemies and deals Physical DMG to them, exciting the crowd. The sheer intensity of the atmosphere will cause explosions that deal Pyro DMG to nearby enemies.
  • The Show Goes On, Even Without An Audience: Decreases the number of enemies Sweeping Fervor must hit to trigger each level of shielding by one.
  • Now That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll!: Characters shielded by Sweeping Fervor deal 15% increases Physical DMG.
  • A Rad Recipe: When scoring Perfect Cooking on a DEF-boosting dish, Xinyan has a 12% chance to double the product.

Xinyan Constellations

  • Fatal Acceleration: Upon scoring a CRIT hit, increases ATK SPD of Xinyan’s Normal and Charged Attacks by 12% for 5-seconds. Can only occur once every 5-seconds.
  • Impromptu Opening: Riff Revolution’s Physical DMG has its Crit Rate increased by 100% and will form a shield at Shield Level 3: Rave when cast.
  • Double-Stop: Increases the Level of Sweeping Fervor by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Wildfire Rhythm: Sweeping Fervor’s swing DMG decreases the opponent’s Physical RES by 15% for 12-seconds.
  • Screamin’ for an Encore: Increases the Level of Riff Revolution by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Rockin’ in a Flaming World: Decreases the Stamina Consumption of Xinyan’s Charged Attacks by 30%. Additionally, Xinyan’s Charged Attacks gain an ATK Bonus equal to 50% of her DEF.
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