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Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact

Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact

Radishes are a cooking ingredient you can find in the wild of Mondstadt. You can use them in a few essential cooking recipes, such as Fried Radish Balls, for more party ATK, and Radish Veggie Soup, for health regeneration. You may also need to collect some radishes for specific events, such as Marvelous Merchandise. Regardless of the reason, if you need some radishes, they are not difficult to farm. Here’s where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact.

Early on in the game, during Xiangling’s story, you will need to gather some Radishes to help her win the competition. Knowing where to find ingredients like this is an easy thing to do and comes in handy if you cook a lot of food. More cooking missions and elements will be coming to Genshin impact, so it’s best to start farming now to prepare.

Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact

You can find Radishes at a few locations in Mondstadt, including Dawn Winery and Springvale. Here’s exactly where you can find them on the map.

Dawn Winery

There are three locations to find Radishes at Dawn Winery. Be sure to check out any of the crates, barrels, and food carts. Investigating those objects has a chance to make some radishes pop out.

Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact - Dawn Winery


Springvale has a single spot for radishes, but you can find a few in that location. The location is close to Dawn Winery in Mondstadt, so you can hit these two areas and have plenty of radishes.

Where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact - Springvale

Radishes tend to respawn every one to two days. You can farm this route a few times per week if you anticipate needing a lot of radishes.

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