Best Nier Automata Sex Mods

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2B Bunny Girl Mod for Nier Automata
Image via PlatinumGames/awedsy

In the diverse landscape of gaming, the modding community often finds innovative ways to extend the boundaries of creativity and personalization. Nier Automata, a game celebrated for its unique narrative and captivating gameplay, has been no exception to this trend.

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While the game’s original content already offers a rich gameplay experience, some modders have ventured into more mature territories, crafting mods that cater to a very specific audience seeking a very different (hornier) kind of immersion. If you’re already drooling at the thought of all that Nier Automata sex mods can offer you, then just keep on scrolling!

Please note that the content discussed in this article is intended for mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is advised.

Best Nier Automata Sex Mods

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of sex mods for Nier Automata out there. The well may be deep, but that doesn’t mean they’re all quality mods; thankfully for you, however, I’ve gone ahead and sacrificed my innocence to research all the best ones, so you don’t have to!

This collection of Nier Automata sex mods goes out to all those horny guys, gals, and nonbinary pals that don’t have anything better to do on a weeknight. With all the nasty, depraved sh*t I had to wade through just to compile this list, I feel like I’d burst into flames just by looking at a church. I can’t believe this is my job. I need jesus in my life almost as much as y’all do.

Regardless, here’s a list of all the best Nier Automata sex mods for all you nasty degenerates out there:

2B Curvy Nude Body Mod

Curvy Nude 2B Mod for Nier Automata
Image via PlatinumGames/FracturedVoid1984

As with nearly all of the Nier Automata sex mods out there, this one focuses entirely on 2B and her lack of clothing. The 2B Curvy Nude Body mod was far too enthusiastically created by FracturedVoid1984 on NexusMods and features an entirely revamped character model for 2B, in addition to three outfit options: normal outfit with no top, leotard outfit with no top, and completely nude.

As you’ve likely already noticed, I had to censor the crap out of this one’s screenshot. If you’re into bodies that are so bodaciously boob-tastic that it’s almost unrealistic, then you’re probably gonna have a hard time wading through all your own drool to download this mod. There are definitely a lot of boys in this milkshake-maker’s yard.

BC2XXXL Prototype Mod

BC2XXXL Prototype Mod for Nier Automata
Image via PlatinumGames/CybersHoK

Speaking of unrealistically bodacious boob-age, this mod features an almost comically large set of milk monsters. The BC2XXXL Prototype mod by CybersHoK on NexusMods replaces 2B with the android BC2XXXL (Black Cat 2 XXXL) Prototype, who is essentially just an android lady with a comically large set of tig ol’ bitty bazookas.

Before you ask, yes, this mod does include an honestly impressive amount of jiggle physics, along with an “entirely nude” option. Honestly, this mod would almost be funny if I didn’t know that there were people out there who are genuinely into this. The amount of money that this poor woman probably pays in yearly chiropractic fees alone could probably buy all of China, twice. These mega mommy milkers could feed an army for a year.

A2 Extra Tiddy and Less Clothes Mod

A2 Extra Tiddy and Less Clothes Mod for Nier Automata
Image via PlatinumGames/nmgloid

As its name suggests, this mod by nmgloid on NexusMods gives A2 some “extra tiddy” and less clothes. This one oddly reminds me of a Britney Spears album cover from the late 2010s, and I’m only slightly confused as to why.

If A2 is your favorite android character in Nier Automata and you’ve always felt like she would look better without her clothes on, then you’re in luck! This mod takes away nearly all of A2’s decency for your viewing pleasure. Also, it gives her a rack that even a Victoria’s Secret model would be jealous of, because why not.

Android Leg Enhancements -Thicc Mod-

Android Leg Enhancements Mod for Nier Automata
Image via PlatinumGames/Erase

Most of the Nier Automata sex mods out there focus entirely on boobs, so while I wouldn’t go as far as to say this mod is a breath of fresh air, it’s at least a nice change of scenery. The Android Leg Enhancements mod is the passion project of Erase on NexusMods, who generously published it solely for players who “wish to enhance the power of legs” in Nier Automata.

As you can imagine, the Android Leg Enhancements mod “enhances” the legs of all of the in-game androids. If you’re an ass-man who’s tired of wading through all of the useless boob mods for Nier Automata, then congratulations, you’ve found the perfect mod for you! Good luck trying to focus on the narrative with 2B’s thicc thighs making eye contact with you the entire time.

2B Bunny Girl Mod

2B Bunny Girl Mod for Nier Automata (2)
Image via PlatinumGames/awedsy

Everyone saw this mod coming. If you didn’t, then you’re either blind or a liar. The 2B Bunny Girl mod was created by awedsy on NexusMods and is currently one of the most popular Nier Automata sex mods of all time, and it’s not hard to imagine why (if it is, then you’re far too young to be reading this).

This mod admittedly doesn’t change much, but the little that it does change makes all the difference. The only thing that the 2B Bunny Girl mod changes is 2B’s default outfit, which it replaces with a classic bunny girl costume. Fans of free-range cleavage and old-school Playboy magazines will have a field day with this mod.


NIER BBW TATTOO Mod for Nier Automata
Image via PlatinumGames/eddy0566

It’s nice to see modders take advantage of their creative freedom from time to time, but good lord did NexusMod’s eddy0566 take it to the next level with this one. Not only does this mod give 2B the curviest body known to man, but it also gives her a ridiculous amount of admittedly detailed body tattoos. Also, it adds a slutty outfit or two to 2B’s wardrobe, because what’s the point of all that boob if you can’t even stare at it.

If you’re into big, bad-ass chicks with giant knocker-honkers, then congratulations, you’ve found the perfect mod to suit your foul fantasies. And as if this mod wasn’t saucy enough, it also has an entirely nude option, so you can appreciate all of the modder’s hard work they put into creating the body tattoos (and nothing else. Absolutely no other reason for this option to exist). This lady could step on anyone she wanted and we’d all thank her.

2BBE – Body Overhaul (with Physics) Mod

2BBE - Body Overhaul (with Physics) Mod for Nier Automata
Image via PlatinumGames/WoefulWolfXD

To finish it all off and end this sin brigade with a bang, I present you with a classic naked 2B mod. There are about a million of these little bastards clogging up the internet right now, but this one’s probably the most detailed one that I’ve come across. The 2BBE – Body Overhaul mod by WoefulWolfXD on NexusMods completely overhauls the 2B character model to increase the size of her breasticles and booty.

Additionally, it gives players access to a completely nude version of this new and improved 2B character model, in addition to a “wet skin” option, which doesn’t even really need an explanation. If you like your in-game girls busty, lusty, and dripping in mysterious virtual fluid, then you’ve gotta pop your horny ass on over to NexusMods to give this mod a download.

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Some gamers may argue that since Nier Automata is full of so many scantily-clad women already, it almost doesn’t need any sex mods, but where would the fun in that be? Boobs can always get bigger, clothes can always get tighter, and physics can always get jigglier!

If you’re a depraved little degenerate goblin on the hunt for the best sex mods available, then you’ve definitely come to the right website. Just check out our sex mod recommendations for Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 if you don’t believe me!

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