Best Skyrim Sex Mods

Make Skyrim a little steamier with these mods.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game of opportunity and possibilities, full of adventures, enemies, stories, and more to explore. With a good mod, this game opens up even further and creates things you could not have imagined. That includes adult material, which, let’s not lie, many are intrigued by. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best NSFW Skyrim mods you can find.

Whether it be for fun or other reasons, players have always wanted to make their games a little more explicit, which also applies to Skyrim. Of course, there are many mods you can choose from to bring some sexuality into the game. We have the best of those here.

Content warning: These mods are meant for adults and those over 18. 

The 10 best Skyrim sex mods

We’ve listed the ten best Skyrim sex mods below in no particular order. They’ll all satisfy your desires in one way or another and point you in the right direction for other mods you may want to pick up for your next playthrough.

Animated Beast’s Cocks

The name says it all with this mod. While you may not have thought about giving the beasts of Skyrim, such as Trolls, the genitalia they almost certainly have, this mod puts them front and center.

Being a Cow Alternate Version

This mod is a redevelopment of Being a Cow, another popular adult Skyrim mode that redefines the word “milking.” You’ll need the MilkMod Economy mod to make the mode of it, with the combination transforming most female NPCs and providing hours of new content to plow through.

Breasts and Butt Jiggle Mod

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but this mod will take away some of the stiffness we see in the game’s physics and add some “movement” to everything. You know, if that is something that has really been bothering you.

Intelligent Dirty Talk

If you’ve ever wanted the residents of Skyrim to be a bit meaner and talk dirty to you, then this mod will fill that hole in your fantasy life. It’s an intelligent system that works to make the AI in Skyrim much more provocative and overhauls the entire experience to make it more enjoyable.

Muscular Women

The women of Skyrim live in what might be the harshest part of the continent. Each day presents new challenges, and no one makes it to adulthood without being strong, but character models almost never reflect that. This mod transforms the women of Skyrim, giving them the muscles that they should have, even making them look intimidating.

Races of Nature

Skyrim has a decent range of races for you to choose from, but they might not fit all your needs. Races of Nature adds a slew of anthropomorphic animal character mods. This way, you can indulge a side of you that might just want to be an animal for a change, living out a few fantasies with the help of the other mods in this list.

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Schlongs of Skyrim

You can look into how the game will allow you to adjust the size of the external genitalia in the game. You can even customize the animation of the genitals, whatever that may actually look like.


If you want to take customization to the next level when building your character, this mod is essential. It gives you tools that, as the name suggests, help you craft your character’s bust before you head out into the wilds of Skyrim.

SexLab Lover’s Comfort

No longer will you just have to see the notification that you received your “Lover’s Comfort.” Now, you can see the magic happening with your partner when using this mod. There are even additional comforts that have been added to the game with it.

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