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NSFW Ranni Mod in Elden Ring
Image via FromSoftware Inc/LovelyLewdLad

In the vast realm of video game modification, players have continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity, reshaping familiar worlds into entirely new experiences. From enhanced graphics to gameplay tweaks, the modding community has consistently breathed fresh life into our favorite titles, like Elden Ring; it was really only a matter of time before the horny weirdos of the internet got ahold of modding software.

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If you’re an Elden Ring player who’s been frothing at the mouth for more NSFW content since this game came out, then you’re in luck! This list compiles all of the greatest Elden Ring sex mods that the darkest corners of the internet have to offer. Please note that the content discussed below is intended for mature audiences only and may not be suitable for all readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Best Elden Ring Sex Mods

Surprisingly, there aren’t actually as many NSFW mods for this game as I thought there’d be.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot more than many of you are likely comfortable with, but with a game as massive as Elden Ring, you’d think that the internet would be overflowing with Elden Ring sex mods; it seems as though the rabid sex modders have decided to play the long con as far as output goes, however (for now).

The Elden Ring sex mods that are available, however, are more than spicy enough for all of the depraved Elden Ring gamers to get by with for the time being.

If you’re an Elden-Ring-playing degenerate who’s frothing at the mouth for some spicy NSFW content, then just keep on scrolling for some of the nastiest Elden Ring sex mods the internet has to offer!

Atomic Heart Ballerina Twins Mod

Ballerina Twins Mod for Elden Ring
Image via FromSoftware Inc/shintheweapon

This mod is by shintheweapon on NexusMods and focuses on the Ballerina Twins from Atomic Heart. The Ballerina Twins were easily some of the most popular characters among fans, and it’s easy to see why!

The Atomic Heart Ballerina Twins mod not only allows you to cosplay as these lovely ladies, but it also allows you to dress them up in ridiculously skimpy outfits; seriously, if there were a police force in Elden Ring, these twins would be arrested for public indecency immediately. If the outfits somehow aren’t skimpy enough for you (for whatever reason), however, then you can always simply choose the “bare breast” option, which really doesn’t need to be explained any further.

Resident Evil 8 Lady Dimitrescu Mod

Lady Dimitrescu Elden Ring Mod
Image via FromSoftware Inc/user619

This mod is exactly what you think it is. The Resident Evil 8 Lady Dimitrescu mod by user619 on GameBanana adds Resident Evil’s infamous Lady Dimitrescu to the game; I realize that some people may argue that this isn’t technically a sex mod, but they should shut up because look at her.

This mod allows players to turn their character into lovely Lady Dimitrescu, which may not sound like much at first, but hear me out: on one hand, this mod doesn’t really affect the gameplay in any meaningful way and is relatively useless. On the other hand, however, big giant booby lady brings all the boys to the yard and makes life worth living again. It’s your choice.

Age of Automata Mod

Nasty Nier Automata Elden Ring Mod
Image via FromSoftware Inc/shintheweapon

If you’re a fan of boobs and Nier Automata, then you’ve gotta check out this mod by shintheweapon on NexusMods. This mod replaces all of Elden Ring’s loading screens and UI elements with Nier Automata images, nearly all of which are incredibly NSFW.

Please, for the love of god, believe me when I say this image was one of the tamest that I could possibly find in this mod’s screenshot gallery. This mod is straight-up nasty, if you’re under the age of 18 (which if you are, please leave this page immediately) then you are literally forbidden to download this mod. Good luck trying to focus on your playthrough when you’ve got this lady’s naked melons staring at you at every turn.

Hestia R from Overhit – aka ACTUAL Mommy Mod

Hestia from Overhit Elden Ring Mod
Image via FromSoftware Inc/DannaRain11

This mod by DannaRain11 on NexusMods adds Hestia, a big-boobied cutie with a booty, from Overhit to the Elden Ring experience. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the game Overhit, this mod is still worth downloading, for obvious reasons (if they’re not obvious to you then you’re too young to be reading this).

This mod replaces a handful of armor pieces to allow you to play as Hestia, which definitely makes playing the game in the third person a lot more exciting. If you hate looking at damn-fine women with boobs bigger than basketballs, then this mod is not for you. Oh fine Hestia, show us thine breastia.

Horny Mode Mod

Horny Mode Mod Elden Ring
Image via FromSoftware Inc/ummmidk12345

With a name like “Horny Mode”, you’d expect this mod to be downright disgusting, and you’d be absolutely right. This mod by ummmidk12345 on NexusMods is similar to the “Age of Automata” mod in the sense that it replaces Elden Ring’s loading screens, item icons, and UI elements with NSFW images; in the Horny Mode mod’s case, however, it replaces them strictly with hentai images.

The images that this mod wantonly displays on its players’ screens are in complete, disgusting disregard for all that is virtuous and moral. I chose this image from the mod’s screenshot gallery simply because it was the easiest to manually censor, but it gets a lot grosser than this; just hop on over to this mod’s page on NexusMods if you really wanna get a taste of all the sauce that this mod has to offer.

Ranni – Sexy Empyrean Edition – Mod

Ranni NSFW Mod Elden Ring
Image via FromSoftware Inc/LovelyLewdLad

This mod by LovelyLewdLad on NexusMods completely replaces Ranni’s in-game character model with a 1,000% sexier version of her (if only that worked in real life). In addition to turning her into a blue Victoria’s Secret model, players can also choose to replace Ranni’s outfit with absolutely nothing at all or a barely-there bikini!

This mod is probably one of the most popular Elden Ring sex mods on the NexusMods site, and for good reason. Elden Ring players have been shamelessly thirsting over Ranni since day one; who wouldn’t jump at the chance to talk to her naked??

Revealing Male Apparel Mod

NSFW Spellblade Armor Set in Elden Ring
Image via FromSoftware Inc/JareOFFICIAL

Most of the Elden Ring sex mods out there focus almost entirely on female characters and their clothing, so this mod by JareOFFICIAL on NexusMods feels like a breath of fresh air. After being bombarded with all that bombastic boob-age, it’s nice to be able to rest your eyes on some loin-cloth-clad, near-naked men.

The Revealing Male Apparel mod does exactly what it sounds like it would: it adjusts some of the in-game clothing and armor to be a lot more revealing. If you’re trying to get down on some Elden Ring but your inner slut starts rearing its ugly head, then it’s absolutely imperative that you download this mod from NexusMods as soon as possible.

Elden Ring Hentai Edition Mod

Elden Ring Hentai Edition Mod
Image via FromSoftware Inc/Mioyaaa

If you read its title, then you already know what this mod is about. This mod by Mioyaaa on NexusMods changes nearly all of Elden Ring’s UI elements and loading screens to steamy hentai images. This one is for all those truly depraved degenerates out there.

These hentai images are so downright sinful that I could barely get through this mod’s screenshot gallery on NexusMods; if you wanted to get your grubby, sweaty little hands on one of the nastiest Elden Ring sex mods of all time, then congratulations, you’ve found it. Your mom would be ashamed to know that you downloaded this mod. Delete your search history. Go to therapy. Get some help.

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