Chun-Li from Street Fighter
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10 Sexiest Video Game Characters

Whether it's because of their story, skill or their attractive physique.

Over the years of gaming many characters have come and gone and only the most memorable get remembered. Whether it’s because of their story, skill, or their attractive physique. And in this list, we will take a look at the ten sexiest video game characters of all time.

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10. Geralt of Rivia

Geralt from The Witcher
Image via CDProjekt

A strong, experienced, and mysterious man is somewhat of an attractive feature that a lot of us really like. Geralt of Rivia is the main character of the Witcher game series whose job is to hunt monsters and prevent them from causing harm. Because of Geralt’s near endless training and fighting, also resulted in his serious personality which only added to his sexiness making anyone who would encounter him either intimidated or turned on.

9. Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil
Image via Capcom

The mommy of many people in the gaming world. Lady Dimitrescu is one of the literal big bad guys of Resident Evil: Village who was genetically experimented on and became a towering mutant lady who’s hard to kill not just because she’s fully capable of dominating you, but because you just have to love her. Standing at about nine foot and six inches tall, wearing a big hat and a long white dress, Lady Dimitrescu is the ideal dominant mom that everyone would love to hang around with.

8. Lara Croft

Lara Croft skin in Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

The queen of treasure hunts and everyone’s favorite strong independent woman. Lara Croft is the legendary bounty hunter of the game Tomb Raider where you get to find new treasure and fight hundreds of people in every installment, no wonder she’s built like a beautiful tank. Lara Croft has become the ideal model of a badass female treasure hunter, with a body built like a professional rock climber and the iconic blue crop top who wouldn’t wish to either be like her or get a chance to date her.

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7. Arthas Menethil

Arthas Menethil from Warcraft 3 Reforged
Image via Blizzard

Prince of Lordearon and King of the undead. Arthas Menethil is one of the main characters in Warcraft 3 who’s a paladin apprentice and heir to the throne of the kingdom of Lordearon. Unfortunately, he was corrupted by the Lich King and became his personal champion. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love with a tall, strong, blonde, and long-haired prince that can save you from the dark. But if your type is more of a bad boy, Arthas can definitely rock a dark and gothic aesthetic to fill your macho emo boyfriend fantasies.

6. Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake from Uncharted
Image via Naughty Dog

Adventurer, bounty hunter, and overall troublemaker. Nathan Drake is the main character of the game Uncharted, famous for treasure hunting, lots of parkour, car chases, and more extreme stuff that we can think of. Nathan’s natural ability and strength that kept him alive also kept him in great shape, partnered with his easy-go-lucky attitude, charm, and a seemingly overwhelming amount of luck, it’s hard not to find someone like Nathan Drake attractive and sexy as hell.

5. Chun-Li

Chun-Li from Street Fighter
Image via Capcom

Master of the arts Kempo and a very well-known street fighter. Chun-Li is one of the playable characters in the game Street Fighter that utilizes speed combos which can be a threat to her user’s opponent when used effectively. Chun-Li has been an icon of some of the sexiest characters in gaming history. With a near-perfect busty build and thicc aesthetic, it’s hard to not find her sexy.

4. Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield from Resident Evil
Image via Capcom

An efficient operating agent who works with the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance to help stop the production and distribution of Bio Organic Weapons. Chris has set his goal in life to dedicate himself to this mission against Bio Organic Weapons he strengthened his mind and body to be an effective leader and help make the world a safer place.

If a daddy figure is what you’re looking for, then Chris is your man. Though he may not be a father, you might find his authoritarian and overprotective attitude very sexy.

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3. Samus

Samus from Super Smash Bros.
Image via Nintendo

The strong and intelligent Samus from the game Metroid is the protagonist of the story and the one you control during the playthrough. Samus is tasked to protect the galaxy from Space Pirates and other malicious forces in their attempts to harness the power of the parasitic Metroid creatures. A tall figure, adventurous, slim, and blonde. Samus is the literal definition of sexy, with great curves to an even greater personality, it’s no wonder people would often crush on someone like her.

2. Leon Kennedy

Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil
Image via Capcom

A police officer turned into a professional zombie killer. Leon Kennedy is a playable character in the Resident Evil franchise who’s been through the thick of the Bio Organic Weapons problem in Racoon City. Leon is a fearsome survivor, ever since the T-Virus became his problem Leon has grown to be smarter, more clever, and an amazing weapon handler. Built with a slim but muscular body, Leon is easily a match for people who find badasses with guns and a serious attitude sexy.

1. Bayonetta

Bayonetta from Bayonetta
Image via PlatinumGames

Child of a forbidden bond between an Umbra Witch and a Lumen Sage, Bayonetta is the protagonist of the game of the same name. Equipped with demonic powers and an arsenal fit for her fighting style and aesthetic, Bayonetta is set to create her own future. With the physique of an athlete, a towering height, and seductive voice, it is a sin not to consider Bayonetta one of the sexiest video game characters of all time. From her long legs to her eye-catching fight style, Bayonetta is for sure a fighter with glam.