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The Witcher 3
Image via CD Projekt Red

Best Witcher 3 Sex Mods: Nude NPCs, New Sex Scenes, NSFW Gwent Cards, and More

Turn up the heat without Igni.

The Witcher 3 isn’t just about monster slaying and traveling the world. You are also having romantic encounters. While the game doesn’t shy away from sex scenes and topless women, it’s not its main focus. But with some mods, you can spice up the game and put more focus on the attractive characters.

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These mods won’t be sexier than the pre-existing sex scenes, instead adding more opportunities for you to view nude characters more often. From changing outfits to adding new sex scenes, there’s something for everyone who is interested in The Witcher 3 sex mods.

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Top Sex Mods for Witcher 3

Legendary Grandmaster Nude Paintings

Image by Deathstroke910

The Witcher 3 has two painting types. One type covers the collectible paintings that can be hung around Corvo Bianco in the Blood & Wine expansion. The second type covers the paintings that are seen throughout the game. Legendary Grandmaster Nude Paintings by Deathstroke910 will replace these images with nude/scantily clad women in various positions and will affect all paintings that can be seen throughout the game.

Revealing Lingerie

Image by Vaas360

If you ever thought that the lingerie worn by the sorceresses could use some additional spice, Revealing Lingerie by Vaas360 is for you. When Keira, Yennefer, or Triss appear without their clothes, this mod will reveal even more skin and body parts. It isn’t full nudity, but if you’re already at the point where the sorceresses are in their underwear, it’s not too far off.

Nude Gwent

Image by julianovento7

Gwent isn’t just fun to play, it also has amazing images that grace the front of each card. From beasts to humanoid characters, there’s a use for every card in play. If you ever want to spice up the game without playing more advanced cards, the Nude Gwent mod by julianovento7 will change the images of some cards to have more attractive images. Female characters will be nude and in suggestive positions, with everyone else left untouched.

Kaer Morhen Fresco Collection

Image by paulr0013

Kaer Morhen isn’t usually associated with paintings, but the paulr0013’s Kaer Morhen Fresco Collection mod will change that. The mod will add five varieties of images to Kaer Morhen, from landscapes to character paintings. The character paintings will have nude images of Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, and Triss, with everyone in seductive poses (and sometimes posing with each other).

Geralt in Brothel

Image via TommyTom

The brothel is a building that exists in almost every town and will provide sex scenes for anyone who is interested. The Geralt in Brothel mod by TommyTom will upgrade that experience by adding in new scenes. It also adds some additional effects to Geralt to make him look like he expended effort during his session. There are different versions of this mod, depending on how you want Geralt to appear throughout the scenes.

All Prostitutes Nude Curvy Busty Swap

Witcher 3 All Prostitutes Nude mod
Image by sspTheOne

Another brothel mod, this time sspTheOne is the creator, and it’s called the All Prostitutes Nude Curvy Busty Swap. The mod improves all of the prostitutes instead of Geralt and removes all the clothes that the prostitutes are wearing, making them fully nude. You can also combine this mod with others that improve the textures of the female bodies. This allows you to customize the prostitutes to your desired body type.

Better Breasts and Butts

Image by Gerignak

If you felt that you wanted more control over the female bodies, the Better Breasts and Butts mod by Gerignak gives you that modification power. You can smooth the textures as you like while keeping the original shape of the body part in question. It’s also compatible with other mods, such as previous mods on this list, to get your desired female shape.

Truth be told, this is a mod that polishes details. It doesn’t bring any kind of new and wow effect that you’ll instantly see, so I’d say that it is mostly for perfectionists who like to keep everything neat and tidy without any bugs.

Nude Girls Uncensored

Nude Girls uncensored Witcher 3 sex mod
Image by Sasha81

The Nude Girls Uncensored mod by Sasha81 will remove the clothes from all the female characters in the game, generic or otherwise. The nudity texture will be improved over the original one applied to all women initially. It is still possible to apply lingerie and other undergarments to female characters afterward if you like.

My Nudes Collection

Witcher 3 My Nudes Collection mod
Image via paulr0013

Another all-around nude mod comes from paulr0013, and it’s called My Nudes Collection. This is actually a collection of nude mods for more than 1000 characters in the game, so you decide who you want to see naked and whom you don’t.

The mod allows some secondary NPCs to get naked as well, and the creator kept some of the accessories on plenty of NPCs’ bodies, so it still reflects on their character.

Brothel NPC Swap

Image by JustionNexusMods

The Brothel NPC Swap mod by JustionNexusMods allows you to replace the prostitutes in any brothel with important characters such as Yennefer and Triss. Certain brothels will have certain characters, but you will be able to switch them out to your preference. This also includes DLC characters such as Anna Henrietta in Blood & Wine, giving you more variety.

Witcher 3 Happy Ending

Image by Wymberto

The Witcher 3 Happy Ending mod by Wymberto expands upon the ending that Geralt receives after each adventure. If the NPCs manage to survive their ordeal, they can be paired together for some steamy scenes. This applies to Heart of Stone and Blood & Wine, but the respective NPCs need to be alive in order for the pairing to be enabled.

The Witcher’s Secret

Image by paulr0013

The creator, paulr0013, has created yet another exciting Witcher 3 mod called The Witcher’s Secret – Sexy Outfits Collection. As he says, the mod replaces those boring vanilla outfits for plenty of characters with “more revealing alternatives.” So if you want to spice things up a bit in your Witcher 3 adventure without having everyone butt naked, this mod can prove to be very useful.

Ultra Perverted Gwent Cards

Image by HakkuXHakku

Ultra Perverted Gwent Cards mod by HakkuXHakku changes most of the Gwent cards into perverted variants, making the whole card game 18+. The mod doesn’t alter any of the stats or mechanics from the cards themselves; it just updates the artwork with new and interesting images. However, since it does update the look and description of cards, make sure you double-check each one before you play them to avoid using the wrong one.

We hope you enjoyed the article. For more sex mods, see our pieces Best Fallout 4 Sex Mods and Best Nude Mods for Palworld (NSFW).

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