The Best GTA V Sex Mods

There's so much more to see in Los Santos.
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Rated Mature, Grand Theft Auto V is more than just committing crimes and driving the best cars. The game also has plenty of adult content and themes. But if you find the game just a tad bit too vanilla, the adult modding community for the game is pretty expansive.

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If you want to get into the sex mod scene in GTA V and add more adult content to your game, here are the best GTA V sex mods for you to download. Note that these are also only available on PC.

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Hot Coffee

Image via Rockstar Games / jedijosh920

The original Hot Coffee mod for GTA: San Andreas made a great deal of press back then. That was the first time explicitly sexual content was put into the AAA game. Reactions were, as expected, public outrage and torches and pitchfork in front of Rockstar Games studio.

Reminiscent of the OG Hot Coffee mod for GTA: San Andreas, this mod by jedijosh920 does something similar. It features animated sex scenes, on-foot pickups, and various positions for the characters to try with each other. It also heals your character when a scene finishes, which is a nice and convenient add-on.

Kinky Bodies Enhanced

Image via Rockstar Games / RoseCreationsYT

The GTA V models are pretty detailed for their time, but there is always something you can add to the formula. The Kinky Bodies Enhanced mod gives you plenty of character variations to modify and play the game with. It also adds a variety of kinky outfits and updates the looks and physics of the characters’ bodies.

The creator, RoseCreationsYT, even uploaded a detailed video that shows you how to download and install the mod. You just have to be careful, as some adult mods do not work well with this one, but it’s still definitely worth a shot.

Realistic Naked Body for Mpfemale

Image via Rockstar Games / serskyamn

All players can agree that nudity in GTA V is pretty wonky, and the physics are just so far off from reality. Additionally, the game is more than a decade old, and it shows in the models. The Realistic Naked Body for Mpfemale mod lets you configure the shape and size of your characters’ body parts and intimates.

The modder Serskyamn did the job well and gave us a lot of options for customization. There are tons of selections that allow you to fully customize the bodies. This is your top pick if you’re just looking to fix the nudity in the game by adding realistic elements to it.

Stripclub Redux

Image via Rockstar Games / thatonemoddingguy

GTA games presented one mature world to the upcoming generation of gamers. A lot of young gamers saw their first naked woman in the game before in real life. If you just want to amp up the variation and quality of the women in the strip club, the beach, or the Playboy mansion, the Stripclub Redux mod fully revamps it.

This mod by that anonymous guy retextures the strip club and the strippers’ clothing to be at a higher resolution. The same thing goes for the topless girls at the beach or the Playboy mansion. This also applies to any images of the girls that are in any of those settings, like the beach calendar.

Nude Beach Girls

Image via Rockstar Games / SquibOnAcid

Beaches and pools are generally places where you can see a lot more skin than usual, but the effect of wonder is a bit alleviated by the fact everyone is in a swimsuit. Now, this nude, or better say nudist, mod adds a bit of French beach feeling into GTA.

This mod does exactly as it is called. The Nude Beach Girls mod by SquibOnAcid turns all the women at the beach and in the pools topless. Although this will not make them entirely nude, with just a little bit of nudity peppered into the game, this makes for a realistic addition as a mod in GTA V.

Paradise City

Image via Rockstar Games / DMLegacy

Okay, so the previous mod made all the girls on beaches and pools topless. But what if you want more? What if you want to spread that topless effect on the entire Los Santos? The modder DMLegacy has a solution. The Paradise City mod takes the Nude Beach Girls mod up a notch.

If you want more nudity for the women of Los Santos, with this mod, you can now admire the view of nude strippers out and about, topless women just casually going around on a jog, and random women dressed only with bikini bottoms, leaving so little to the imagination.

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New Loading Screens

Image via Rockstar Games / thegeneral69

Ever since GTA 3, this franchise became famous for its loading screens. The processing of the entire city and every NPC and vehicle is a huge job, so there had to be loading screens before the game could flow seamlessly.

The New Loading Screens by thegeneral69 changes the default loading screens in the game. It adds a series of a variation of NSFW images with women in different sexy attire and poses. They are all pure creations and are not necessarily variations of actual in-game characters. In essence, this just spices up your loading screens in the game.

See-Through Shirt for MP Female

Image via Rockstar Games / Ultimate

Ever since Nude Raider, playerbase has been obsessed with undressing lady protagonists of video games. Considering their design, not a lot of work was needed. However, sometimes, a fully nude appearance for your playable female character can break the immersion, so the Ultimate’s See Through Shirt for MP Female mod fixes this.

It gives you the option to choose from 16 different high-quality see-through tops for your female character, increasing the transparency of her clothes. So if you prefer to save the nudity for the strip clubs, this mod is more than enough to spice up your playable female characters while maintaining some realism as you walk around the city.

Hentai Livery Nissan GT-R35

Image via Rockstar Games / SalaMastar

GTA V has one of the biggest modding communities when it comes to custom cars. Since GTA games don’t have licenses for existing cars, all cars in the game are fictional but similar to the real cars. However, for some people, that wasn’t enough, and they made a lot of real cars for the games.

Now, to make those custom cars even more personalized, there are also car decals. One of the most popular custom cars in the game is the Nissan GT-R35. The modder Sala Mastar made a hentai custom decal for the Nissan GT-R35, making it into Hentaimobile. This is a good way to show your affinities toward animated porn to the world.

Mai Shiranui & Jill Valentine Nude/Thicc Mod

Image via Rockstar Games / SERGIO_VAN_DYK

Similar to the games and nude mods, some video game characters’ popularity is measured by the mods that strip them down. I mentioned Lara Croft and her skin-textured pyramids, but in the late 3D era, two of the most popular girls to appear nude were Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil.

The modder SERGIO_VAN_DYK made Mai & Jill nude mode, which replaces pedestrians with these two gorgeous naked ladies from completely unrelated video games. This is also a mod that underwent the most work since this is the fifth version so far. Mai and Jill look stunning, and meeting them in the game is a thing to remember.

Naked Girls Blimp

Image via Rockstar Games / jordandundas

There are quite a few blimp mods in GTA V, as they are pretty easy to notice and, therefore, good for sending a message. In this case, the message consists of three nude girls. There are two blimps in the game, and they can be seen from almost any spot in Los Santos.

Naked Girls Blimp mod was made by Jordandundas, and if I got it right, it represents an advertisement for real-life girls that go naked for money. Anyway, it’s a nice feeling to look up in the sky and be greeted by three beautiful women in their birthday suits.

Tracey De Santa – Improved Stockings

Image via Rockstar Games / LFS Data Base

Tracey DeSanta is the daughter of one of the three protagonists, Michael De Santa, who underwent the witness protection program and enjoys his peaceful life. Or does he? Both of his children are pretty much insufferable and give their father a lot of trouble.
At least Tracey is nice to look at. And thanks to this mod by LFS Data Base, we now have improved attire for the prodigal daughter. Faithful to her image of an easygoing girl, this mod offers improved stockings for Tracey De Santa. You can even choose between fishnet and nylon stockings.

Those were some GTA V mods you can use to make this game a somewhat spicier and potentially more interesting experience. For more related content, you may check our articles about Where to find Prostitutes in GTA V Online – All Locations or What is Hush Mush in GTA Online? Answered.

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