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Where to Find Benzene in Starfield – Location Guide

Time and money well spent for the Benzene
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With so many Resources to find and so many planets to explore, the hunt for specific materials is one that could last a lifetime. Whilst you have all the time in the world to call off sick at work, dedicate your time-off to committing 100+ hours, and fast through the dedication of mining, farming, and shooting pirates, it is a lot simpler to look for the answer online than to Grav Jump to random planet and waste those precious resources. Therefore, this is Vincent’s guide on where to find Benzene in Starfield.

Where to Buy and Mine Benzene Starfield

Benzene can be a tough Resource to find if you do not know what you are looking for. As Starfield show materials as their elemental symbols in-game rather than their full name, you need to know that when searching for Benzene, the symbol needed is C6Hn. Benzene can be both purchased from Vendors (Wen Tseng, Dietrich Sieghart, and Manaaki Almonte) or found on Planets (Niira, Volii Alpha, Tau Ceti II and more). Below we’ll go into exactly where you can find this Resource for weapon and armor crafting.

Firstly, if you are looking to get Benzene as fast as possible, you can pick this up at various Vendors available at major cities in Starfield. These are:

Related resource locations: Water, CopperLeadSilverTitanium, and Uranium.

If you want to farm this material instead by using the Extractor method or simply picking these up as you complete Planet Surveys, you will want to visit the long list of Planets that hold Benzene alongside other Resources to farm at:

  • Agamon C – Cheyenne System
  • Akila – Cheyenne System
  • Andraphon – Narion System
  • Cantra – Valo System
  • Chawla– Alpha Centauri System
  • Enceladus – Sol System
  • Hyperia – Narion System
  • Hypnos – Olympus System
  • Iapetus – Sol System
  • Montara Luna – Cheyenne System
  • Nesoi – Olympus
  • Niira – Narion System
  • Olaran – Cheyenne System
  • Ourea – Olympus System
  • Polvo – Valo System
  • Procyon V-c – Procyon A System
  • Vectera – Narion System
  • Volii Alpha – Volii System
  • Washakie – Cheyenne System

How to Mine Benzene

Firstly, to travel to other solar systems in Starfield, you will need to be able to Grav Jump. Outside of Missions, Grav Jumping can be done at Navigation Consoles inside the Pioneer. You need to exit outside of the planet and solar system you are viewing and find the planet you want to land on to begin the Grav Jump process. To get Grav Power, remove all power inside the ship’s functions using the d-pad or ‘W’/’S’ and place into the GRV compartment.

Before landing on the planet, be sure to refer to the color of Benzene (C6Hn), which biome to find it on, and what it will appear as when you open the Scanner on the surface of the planet. All of this info will allow you to quickly locate Benzene which will appear as the color of the material symbol with the Scanner in use (‘F’ or ‘LB’). If you have not visited the planet before, everything will appear with a blue highlighted glow that changes to green after you have researched it enough. The Benzene can appear green in color but through using the Scanner’s interaction key (‘A’ – Xbox or ‘E’) you can outline the Resource you are directly looking at and if it is Benzene for you to mine using the Cutter.

That was our quick location guide on where to find, buy, and mine Benzene in Starfield. For more on this game, be sure to see all GJ coverage at our Starfield Section located here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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