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How to Grav Jump in Starfield – Fast Travel Guide

Rocket Science made easier with this tutorial

Starfield offers a ton of new information with very little in regard to showing players how to use each function properly. With no tutorial in place to simplify space travel, many are finding themselves staring at space like an actual astronaut. Whilst we are all for a realistic experience as the majority of us will never get the actual opportunity to see the earth from up above, having literally nothing to work with but being told to begin the Grav Jump can be rather frustrating. Because of the little information given on how to get to and from different solar systems, which is needed to fully explore the new Bethesda universe or complete Missions, this is Vincent’s guide on how to use the Grav Jump to fast travel in Starfield.

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How Does Grav Jump Work in Starfield?

There are various ways to fast travel in Starfield but for the case of this guide, we are looking specifically on how to travel to new solar systems or completing Missions with the primary objective of travelling to a specific system. Whilst you can fast-travel to anywhere you have visited so long as you have a Outpost created in the area you wish to travel to, this does not constitute as the Grav Jump. This is done when you are on the planet itself and you want to ignore the travelling to somewhere you have already visited and instead use the Scanner to jump from point A to point B using the POI icons you can see with the Scanner in use. Grav Jumping is done through using a ton of your ship’s fuel to get from point A to point B, typically done for getting to a new solar system and a specific planet.

Certain Missions ask players to Grav Jump to another solar system or to skip to a planet where you can immediately start the launching sequence. However, without a proper tutorial for Grav Jumping, many players are finding themselves stranding in space with their Grav Jump process pending. Here is what you need to do.

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How to Power the Grav Drive

Grav Jumping relies solely on Grav power. To begin the process to Grav Jump, you need to follow these step-by-step guides below on Mission Grav Jumping and Solar System Grav Jumping as they have separate processes to starting the space leap.

Grav Jump in Missions:

  1. Go to the cockpit of your ship and sit in the pilot’s seat.
  2. Equip the Scanner via LB.
  3. Place the centre of the Scanner’s cursor onto the blue Marker for the Mission.
  4. Use left + right on d-pad (Xbox) or Alt-D + Alt-A (PC) to change to other power systems for the ship (LAS, BAL, MSL, ENG, SHD, and GRV).
  5. Use up + down on d-pad (Xbox) or Alt-S (PC) to adjust the power in the ship’s systems (LAS, BAL, ENG, MSL, and SHD).
  6. For the easiest and fastest way to initiate the Grav Jump – remove power from LAS, BAL, ENG, and MSL systems and place into GRV (Grav Drive) using up on d-pad (Xbox) or Alt-W (PC).
  7. Press A (Xbox) or C (PC) to Grav Jump.
  8. At the planet you have arrived at, look directly at the Mission Marker once again and use X.
  9. Then use A to jump to the location needed to continue the Mission.
  10. Finally, hold X to begin landing.

Grav Jump to Solar Systems:

  1. Use the Navigation Console inside your ship.
  2. Use B to exit from the planet then B again to see an overview of the solar system. Use B for the third time to exit out of this system and see other nearby solar systems across the galaxy.
  3. Use A to select the solar system you wish to enter.
  4. Hold X (Xbox) or C (PC) to begin the Grav Jump.

That was our guide on how to Grav Jump properly in Starfield. For more on this game, be sure to see all coverage over at our GJ Starfield section. Make sure to keep an eye out for more written by the Gamer Journalist team. Have fun out there in the stars.

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