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Where to Find Copper in Starfield – Location Guide

Mining and crafting sounds an awful lot like another game
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There are a lot of materials you need to farm in Starfield for general crafting, completing Mission objectives, and adding to your Outposts. One of these commonly used items is Copper, which is highly useful for crafting electrical equipment that you will need for your Outpost functions. Whilst you can actually go full-on Minecraft at your Outposts and create mechanisms to churn out Copper for you, this is taking away from the exploration and traveller side of Starfield. So, if you are wondering where you can buy or find this material out in its natural habitat, this is Vincent’s guide on where to find Copper in Starfield.

Copper Location Guide – Starfield

Copper is a commonly used crafting material that you will highly likely need a ton of during your playthrough of Starfield. In the hunt for this golden colored raw material, you can spend a bit of cash at specific Vendors located around the galaxy. The Vendors you need are Dietrich Sieghart and Saburo Okadugbo in Neon, and Wen Tseng in Jemison. Grav Jumping is required to get to these planets. A full guide on how to Grav Jump can be found here. If you do not wish to pay to acquire Copper, you can instead check the planets: Zamka and Volii Omega (more specifically the Volii Upsilon moon orbiting Omega).

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Heading to these planets to mine materials such as Copper, you should first confirm if the resource is available on Zamka and Volii Upsilon. To confirm that the planet or moon has Copper, check under the Resources Tab before you land and look for Cu. Head to the nearest location to the biome corresponding to the color of the Cu slot under Resources List. Use the Scanner to find resources highlighted in blue. You are looking for a golden raw material to indicate the location of Copper. Once found, use the Cutter to cut it out of the ground and take with you.

That was our quick guide on where you can find Copper in Starfield. For more on this game, we have content readily available to read at Gamer Journalist, with more incoming so keep your eyes peeled at our GJ Starfield section. Thank you for reading.

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