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How to Get to Neon in Starfield

Travel through space, buy some stolen goods.
A Journey Through Space Art for Starfield
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In Starfield you will be able to travel the galaxy in hopes of seeing the best landmarks and the majestic alien species. However, most of the time, you will have to do some shooting, intimidating, bartering, and overall dangerous activities. Today we will do just that, and hopefully, we live to tell this story another day. Here is how to get to Neon in Starfield.

How to Get to Neon in Starfield

Before you get to Neon in Starfield, an objective that takes place during the “All That Money Can Buy”, you will have to complete several missions first. More specifically, you will have to complete the very first quest group. These are Back to Vectera, Into the Unknown, and The Empty Nest. Once you complete all these quests and have already met the Constellation crew, Walter, the benefactor, will ask you to accompany him to Neon. He needs you to come with him to purchase an Artifact, a very advanced piece of technology, in a transaction that promises trouble. After all, what can we expect after Walter casually mentions that the Artifact was stolen from someone?

Tell Walter you are ready to go and go to your ship. Then, you will have to travel to Volii Alpha, located in the Volii System, next to the Olympus System. Open the menu and access the map to fast travel to said planet. Once you arrive, before you can land on the planet, you will have to scan it. Otherwise, the land option will be greyed out. Scan the planet to receive information such as gravity, atmosphere, flora, and fauna, and you will be ready to land in the city of Neon.

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Prepare for some tense negotiation and some bargaining at Neon in Starfield. You will even have to escape from certain death, but we’ll leave you to interact with these particular and not-at-all problematic characters. Good luck!

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