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How to Get to New Atlantis in Starfield

Welcome to New Atlantis!
Starfield New Atlantis Entrance
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Numerous settlements and cities are scattered about the Starfield galaxy, but none are as eye-catching or welcoming as New Atlantis. It’s one of the first cities you’ll visit, so long as you follow along the main story quest, but may prove a little troublesome to those unaccustomed to Bethesda jank. If you’re having trouble finding New Atlantis in Starfield, let us guide you!

Where to Find New Atlantis in Starfield

While relatively straightforward for those following the main quest, locating New Atlantis can feel cumbersome to anyone who simply wants to explore the galaxy.

New Atlantis is located on Jemison, in the Alpha Centauri System, which is approximately near the center of the galaxy map. It’s not overly difficult to track down. It’s also one of the biggest cities in the game, home to countless shops, quests, and even an entire faction, the UC Vanguard, to join.

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Starfield Alpha Centauri System
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Upon arrival, the United Colonies Vanguard will scan your ship for contraband and, if you’re clear of any, will allow you to land. If you do have contraband, like Aurora, on your ship, then expect hostilities.

Exploring New Atlantis

There are a few key locations scattered about New Atlantis, including:

  • New Atlantis Spaceport
  • New Atlantis Commercial District
  • New Atlantis Residential District
  • New Atlantis MAST District
  • The Well

You’ll spend most of your time in the main quest line traveling between the New Atlantis Spaceport and the MAST District, where the Constellation Lodge is located, but feel free to traverse the other districts, too. You’ll find numerous side quests and countless characters to interact with.

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