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Where to Find Water (H20) in Starfield – Location Guide

Survival of the hydrated

It’s all fun and games when everything is going your way but have you thought about the basic fundamentals to your survival out in space? Your oxygen and water supply? The constant intact of gruelling and foreign weather conditions that can leave you with a cough that never goes? The basics matter in Starfield as they are crucial to your survival. Everything in the game holds it’s own limitations on what you can do within a given time in exploration or completing Missions. Because of this, you may be looking for a regular source to tap into for the infinite supply of water, a basic necessity that every living organism needs to survival. Therefore, this is Vincent’s guide on where you can get Water in Starfield.

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Where Can You Find Water in Starfield

Water is one of the most important resources you can get in Starfield and yet it may be the most overlooked. Because of this, it is essential that when you begin your intergalactic adventure, you know the best spots to get yourself Water whenever you are running low. Being as important as the oxygen you breathe, Water is one of those resources that annoyingly needs to be found on planets much like the search for raw materials and rarer resources. A planet we can guarantee has Water and a ton of other resources which is Zamka. This planet, alongside many others, harbours Water that should offer little problems to find and gather.

Other resource locations for Starfield: CopperLeadSilverTitanium, and Uranium.

What you may have expected when gathering Water to take to Pioneer with you is to be able to gather from rivers, lakes and pools of water but instead, you are searching for the component H20 which can be found inside Ice Deposits. When looking for Water, refer to the Resources Tab in the Planet Overview before landing. H20 will appear under Resources if the planet has it just like Zamka. It is best to check where on the planet H20 is easily discoverable by looking for the color against the planet’s surface (biomes) that matches the H20 icon color. Land as close to the Water biome and use the Scanner to find the Ice Deposits. Try areas such as caves or close to other bodies of water. These appear as large formations of rocks, similar to other resources in Starfield. Once you have found H20, pluck the resource out of the rocks by using the Cutter to obtain Water.

That was our quick location guide on where to find Water in Starfield. For more on this game, be sure to view our Starfield section at Gamer Journalist here. Thank you for reading.

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