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Where to Find Uranium in Starfield – Location Guide

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Although a ton of your journey spent in Starfield is the exploration of brand new planets, never before seen with an entire galaxy at the palm of your hands, you should spend some time dedicated to resource gathering. Resources are used to craft items, build weapon modifications, increase Outpost designs, and improve way of life by providing general survivability. Whilst stargazing and visiting planets is all in good fun as there is so much to take in and be the first human to drop into untapped territories, you may as well get a bunch of goodies along the way. This is Vincent’s guide on where to find Uranium in Starfield.

Uranium Location and Mining Guide – Starfield

Used primarily to craft weapon modifications, Uranium is a helpful item to have for those with a focus on combat. Regardless of how you are playing Starfield, you will likely find yourself in fights due to areas where Legendary loot calls out your name in denied zones. Whilst you can be all about politics and adopt a diplomatic lifestyle, you will eventually have to fight and sticking to your default/ starter weapons is not one we advise you do. By finding Uranium and farming it, you will be able to improve your survivability and combative skills with weapon modifications to increase your chosen weapon’s viability and power. So where can you find Uranium?

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Uranium can be found at Vendors – Amoli Bava (on Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (on Neon), Saburo Okadugbo (Neon), and Wen Tseng (Jemison). If you do not want to pay for this resource however, you can also find it on planets – Zamka and Nesoi. When searching for this resource, you need to refer to the exact location in which it can be found via the color shown on the material symbol via the planet overview menu. In this case you are looking for U. Match Uranium’s color to the biome over the Zamka and land into the area closest to this biome to begin the search. Once on the planet, whip out the Scanner and look for anything marked a blue color. Anything that turns green has be researched to 100% and you can move on to find other items. Be sure to keep track of what you have found by referring to the Resources Counter on the Scanner.

When Uranium is located, use the Cutter to take this out of the planet’s surface. This will not be the only location on the planet of this resource. Now that you know what it looks like, you can keep looking in the nearby areas for more to cut out of the ground and place into your Inventory to bring with you.

That was our location guide on where to find Uranium in Starfield. For more from us on this game, be sure to check out all of our GJ content at our Starfield section here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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