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Where to Find Lead in Starfield – Location Guide

The hunt for planet SHEIN
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Resources can be found anywhere – through mining off planets or taken directly out of Outposts. But for those trying to find specific materials for building, crafting, completing Missions or extending their knowledge through research, you will need to know what planets they can be found on so that you are not spending too much of your space adventure staring at planets from afar. Whilst planet staring is much better than stargazing, it does not provide much in terms of scientific progression. Therefore, this is Vincent’s guide on where to find Lead in Starfield.

Where to Find Lead in Starfield

Lead is just one of the many materials you can farm in Starfield. It can be purchased via Vendors, located in main cities on specific planets – Amoli Bava (on Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (on Neon), Saburo Okadugbo (Neon), and Wen Tseng (Jemison). Lead has also been found on planets – Earth, Kreet, Magreth, and Jemison. Some are however located in a completely different solar system. Because of this you will need to know how to Grav Jump.

Below we will go into how to mine materials after landing on the planet in question, and how to use the Grav Jump fast travel system to get to planets such as Jemison.

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How to Mine Materials

When you have found the material you are looking for by confirming it with their elemental symbol in Starfield, you need to check exactly where it is on the planet overview screen. Each resource will be highlighted in a color that can be seen directly on one of the planet’s biomes. This of course, does not work for rarer materials (Rare/ Exotic/ Legendary). When you have found the matching color on the planet’s surface, head to the landing zone that is closest to the biome with your resource. Once you have landed, use the Scanner and begin the search for the material. Note the Resource Counter on your Scanner summary which will tell you what you have and haven’t found which is helpful to keep track of. In the search for Lead, look out for anything marked a blue color as this indicate things your Scanner has not yet researched.

When you find Lead, switch to the Cutter and use this to carve the material out of the planet to take with you. This is how you mine materials in Starfield.

How to Get to Jemison

Finally, as the only location known to have Lead is currently Jemison, you will need to fast travel to this area using the Grav Jump. Whilst travelling to Jemison is part of a Mission, if you want to get some Lead early, you will need to head to this planet that is part of a completely separate solar system. To Grav Jump outside of Missions, you need to use the Navigation Console inside the Pioneer ship. This will show you where you are in the grand scheme of space. You need to exit out of this screen x3 times (if you were on a planet at the beginning) until you are looking at the galaxy (Use B on Xbox). From here you can look for other solar systems to find Jemison (Use A to confirm). Once Jemison is found, initiate the Grav Jump with X (Xbox) or C (PC) by pressing and holding the key/button.

That was our location guide on where to find Lead in Starfield. For more on this Bethesda game, be sure to visit our GJ Starfield section here. Thank you for reading this guide, we hope it helped.

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