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Yeet a Friend Codes (March 2023)

Yeet your way to victory!
Roblox Yeet a Friend
Image via Roblox

Yeet a Friend is a free game on Roblox, an online gaming platform. Yeet a Friend, as you may have guessed by its title, is a game about throwing (yeeting) people as far as you can! you don’t actually get to throw other players, however (unfortunately); Instead, you throw a miniature version of yourself. The point of the game is to yeet someone farther than anyone else down a racing track. The farther you yeet, the more points you get!

Yeet a Friend isn’t a hard game to master by any means, but free rewards are always welcome in any game, no matter how easy it is. If you want a shortcut to the leaderboards in Yeet a Friend, then you need to use promo codes! Codes are a great way to give yourself a boost in any game, but they’re especially useful in highly competitive games like Yeet a Friend. Be sure to bookmark this page for all of the latest Yeet a Friend codes!

All Yeet a Friend Codes

Yeet a Friend Codes (Working)

These are all of the working Yeet a Friend codes.

  • RELEASE — Unlocks: Free Energy
  • YEET — Unlocks: Free Energy
  • ONETHOUSANDLIKES — Unlocks: Free Energy
  • TRADING — Unlocks: 1x Spider Pet
  • ATLANTIS — Unlocks: Free Energy

Yeet a Friend Codes (Expired)

These are all of the expired Yeet a Friend Codes.

  • There are currently no expired Yeet a Friend codes.

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How to Redeem Codes in Yeet a Friend

Redeeming codes in Yeet a Friend is a bit different than in other Roblox games, but it’s still a relatively simple process!

Roblox Yeet a Friend Codes
Image via Roblox
  • Open Yeet a Friend in Roblox.
  • Locate the floating blue bird icon in the player lobby (the Twitter icon).
  • Walk into the bird icon.
  • Type or copy/paste your code into the textbox.
  • Click on the “Redeem” button below the textbox.
  • Congratulations on your free rewards!

How Can You Get More Yeet a Friend Codes?

Yeet a Friend codes are never in short supply, but that doesn’t mean that even more of them are ever unwanted. If you want access to all of the latest Yeet a Friend codes, then try bookmarking this page! This page is updated frequently to reflect the latest codes that are released for the game, so by adding it to your bookmarks bar, you’ll never miss out on a single code!

If you want to stay in touch with the game’s developers and learn more about the game, you can always try getting involved with the Low Effort Studios group on Roblox. Low Effort Studios is Yeet a Friend’s developer, you can learn a lot about them and the game by checking out their group!

Why Are My Codes Not Working in Yeet a Friend?

There are many reasons why codes may not work in a game, one of the most common ones being that they’re expired. Codes for Roblox games are usually only active for a very brief time period; always make sure you’re only using codes that have been recently released or confirmed to be active!

Another possible reason why your codes may not be working is that they’re being input incorrectly. Always make sure to take the time to accurately type (or copy/paste) the codes into the textbox before you redeem them!

How to Unlock New Worlds in Yeet a Friend

In Yeet a Friend, all new players will automatically spawn in the same world. Once you start becoming a bit more familiar with the game, you’ll notice that there are two locked portals on one of the lobby’s walls. Above these two portals are the words “World 2” and “World 4”. These portals will take you to alternate worlds within the game, but you’ll need to put in some work (or money) before you’ll be able to unlock them.

To unlock World 2, players will need to have accumulated at least 2.5 million Energy. If you think that’s bad, then you’ll really shit yourself when you find out that you’ll need at least 5 billion Energy to unlock World 4! 2.5 million Energy already seemed impossible to get, but 5 billion? Forget about it!

2.5 million Energy could probably be accumulated in a few days, as long as you continuously played the game and didn’t spend your Energy on anything. But other than fully committing to a life of masochism by literally playing Yeet a Friend non-stop for months, the only way you’re getting to 5 billion Energy is by using Robux to buy it.

What is Yeet a Friend?

Yeet a Friend is an unconventional racing game on Roblox, an online gaming platform. In Yeet a Friend, players can throw (yeet) tiny versions of themselves down a rainbow-colored race track in the sky, which already sounds like a bad acid trip, but wait there’s more.

Players can also accumulate exponential amounts of Energy depending on how far they yeet their mini-mes, which can be used as a form of currency to buy eggs containing tiny creatures whose only purpose is to help them gain even more Energy. In addition to this, players can also use all of that accumulated Energy to open portals to alternate worlds within the game! Be sure to play this one responsibly, kids.

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