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Best Mining Spots in Genshin Impact

Best Mining Spots in Genshin Impact

Mining ore is one of the many daily tasks you’ll need to do in Genshin Impact. You can use ore and crystals to craft weapons from the blacksmith. Various spots around Teyvat are node rich, and we’re going to cover a few of them. Here are the best mining spots in Genshin Impact to get your Cor Lapis, Crystal Chunks

Best Mining Spots in Genshin Impact

We’re going to go over three great mining locations in Genshin Impact for you to run every few days. The first is at Qingce Village, then Mt. Aozang, Guyun Stone Forest, and Mingyun Village. In case you didn’t know, you can quickly mine these nodes using a character wielding a claymore. Otherwise, mining these nodes takes a while with a light sword user. You’ll find lots of Cor Lapis, Crystal Chunks, White Crystal Chunks, and more at these locations.

Guyun Stone Forest

The first mining spot is on the far east side of the map, at the Guyun Stone Forest. Suppose you have not discovered this location, head to the peninsula to the west of it on the coast. You can glide from the top of the cliff over to this group of islands. The mining hot spot is on the bottom island of the group. Refer to the image below for the area designated by a pickaxe icon.

Best Mining Spots in Genshin Impact Guyun Stone Forest

Mt. Aozang

Perhaps the best mining spot in the game right now is Mt. Aozang. Teleport to the waypoint and drop down off the west side of the mountain. On your way down, there’s an area on the side of the cliff with White Iron Chunks. Make sure to pick those up on your way down. Drop down to the very bottom level and head north. You’ll see an area with lots of Cor Lapis and Crystal nodes ripe for the mining. Start smashing the nodes and collecting your ore. There’s also a Geoculus here if you didn’t collect it already.

Best Mining Spots in Genshin Impact Mt. Aozang

Qingce Village

The last location on our list is south of the Qingce Village. Teleport to the waypoint on the coast west of the pickaxe, and make your way to the area. You will need to climb up the cliffside to get to the top and uncover the site with lots of ore. There are mostly Crystal Chunks in this location.

Lingju Pass

Just north of Lingju Pass in the ruins, there are four to five nodes to get Crystal Chunks. It’s an easy one to get to if you teleport to the Lisha, Liyue Statue of the Seven to the east of the location.

Mingyun Village

Another excellent spot for Cor Lapis, Noctilucous Jade, and Crystal Chunks is southeast of Mingyun Village. Teleport to the domain waypoint and make your way into the nearby cave. There’s a bunch of nodes all in a small radius, making it a very efficient mining location.

Another spot in Mingyun Village is northwest of the previous location. There’s a small mine with lots of Iron, White Iron, Cor Lapis, and Noctilucous Jade.

Bushui Plain

Between Wuwang Hill and Stone Gate is an area near some ruins, with a good amount of Iron, Cor Lapis, and Noctilucous Jade. It’s right next to the waypoint for a quick run-through.

Those are our favorite mining spots at the moment, but things are undoubtedly subject to change. When new content releases, we’ll keep this section up to date. Good luck!

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