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How to Become a Drug Dealer in Starfield – AMP Farm Guide for Infinite Credits

A cash-in-hand-only kind of lifestyle.
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Becoming a drug dealer in Starfield isn’t as simple as hitting up the Astral Lounge and conducting business there. Instead, the drug business actually takes place through selling pharmaceuticals through very legal procedures. Whilst the method is a long one to start off with, getting into the flow of farming in Starfield is one that can give you a ton of money for a very short period with the great feature of skipping time by sitting down.

If you are looking to get rich quickly and we don’t mean using a pyramid scheme or conning others out of thousands of their hard-earned cash, this is Vincent’s guide on how to get rich by creating and selling drugs in Starfield.

How to Craft Drugs in Starfield

There are a ton of drugs readily available in Starfield that can be purchased directly from Doctors in major cities across the galaxies. If you find that you are having a hard time resetting the Doctor’s stock, you can use the seating area near the counter to pass the time using the Universal Time system.

Whilst you can craft Aid Items using the Pharmaceutical Labs that can either be placed inside Outposts or found in Research Labs and Doctor’s Offices, these methods are unnecessary when you need a ton of drugs for the drug-selling business. We will focus on where you can find, farm, and use multiple Resources in the game to create the AMP which can earn you money fast in Starfield by using the time-skipping function.

The materials you will need are Argon, Metabolic Agent, and Toxin. Keep in mind that there is not a set amount that you need to get in order to make the total number of AMPs required to be rich in Starfield. Instead, aim to farm as many Resources as you can to craft the drug at the Pharmaceutical Lab in your Outpost.

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What Skills Do You Need and What Should You Research?

Before getting started, it is important to outline what you should upgrade in terms of your Starfield Skills. You should have points in Botany, Scanning, and Payloads which are crucial to increasing your Ship’s capacity for your Resources and ability to find rarer Flora and gain access to more creative and helpful structures for your Outposts.

It is important as well to use the Research Lab so that you can increase your Storage Container sizes and unlock structures such as Greenhouses. These require set materials in order to research and create also so keep that in mind as a ton of material is needed for this lifestyle in Starfield.

What Materials Do You Need?

The hunt for these Resources will require multiple Planets to explore, land, and build a new Outpost on. Unless you have Outposts already made for farming Argon, and the crafting of Metabolic Agent and Toxin using Greenhouses, you will need to start from scratch if you are hoping to get rich using the drug-selling method in Starfield. Therefore, your adventure will begin with the Vendors in the game.

These Vendors are found on different Planets that we will outline below, alongside the actual materials you need to purchase before you set out to find the Planets that have the Resources you require.

  • Adaptive Frames – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison), and Zoe Kaminsky (Trade Authority, New Atlantis, Jemison).
  • Aluminium – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), and Saburo Okadugbo (Neon).
  • Benzene – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison), Diestrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), and Manaaki Almonte (Trade Authority, Cydonia, Mars).
  • Beryllium – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), and Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison).
  • Chlorine – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), and Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison).
  • Copper – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), Saburo Okadugbo (Neon), and Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison).
  • Fluorine – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), and Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison).
  • Iron – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), Saburo Okadugbo (Neon), and Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison).
  • Nickel – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), Saburo Okadugbo (Neon), and Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison).
  • Sealant – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis, Jemison), and UC Exchange (Cydonia, Mars).
  • Titanium – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison) and UC Exchange, Trade Authority, and Jane’s Goods (Cydonia, Mars).
  • Tungsten – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), Saburo Okadugbo (Neon), and Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison).
  • Zero Wire – Amoli Bava (New Atlantis, Jemison), Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon), Saburo Okadugbo (Neon), Kolman Lang (Trade Authority, Neon) and Wen Tseng (New Atlantis, Jemison).

All of these Materials are essential to building in your various Outposts needed across multiple Planets where you will conduct your different farms for each crafting component – Argon, Metabolic Agent, and Toxin. Of course, the Agent and Toxin cannot be farmed as a Resource plucked out of the Planet’s surface. Instead, this will need to be made directly by extracting specific Resources and using these inside the Greenhouse to convert into the Agent and Toxin you need for the build.

Outpost Equipment You Need

Each Outpost has different equipment requirements needed to farm specific Resources. You will want to use these for each Outpost depending on what you are farming:

Equipment / StructurePlanetResource(s) to FarmAMP Crafting Material
Aluminium ExtractorAndrophon (Narion System)AluminiumN/A (Needed for Adaptive Frames)
Iron Extractor Androphon (Narion System)
Groombridge VII-B (Groombridge System)
Titan (Sol System)
IronN/A (Needed for Adaptive Frames)
Solar ArrayAndrophon (Narion System)Aluminium
N/A (Needed for Adaptive Frames)
Solid Storage ContainersAndrophon (Narion System)
Groombridge VII-B (Groombridge System)
Titan (Sol System)
N/A (Needed for Adaptive Frames)
Industrial WorkbenchAndrophon (Narion System)
Groombridge VII-B (Groombridge System)
Titan (Sol System)
Adaptive FramesAll
WarehouseGroombridge VII-B (Groombridge System)
Titan (Sol System)
TitaniumN/A (Needed for Warehouses)
Argon ExtractorJemison (Sol System)ArgonArgon
Water ExtractorJemison (Sol System)WaterMetabolic Agent
GreenhouseJemison (Sol System)Metabolic Agent
Metabolic Agent

How to Farm Aluminium and Iron?

So the first thing you need to do is farm both Aluminium and Iron. If you want to do this on one Planet with a single Outpost in use, you will need to find Androphon in the Narion System. Before you land, however, use the Starmap Planet Overview and scan for the Mountain and Craters. You need to land on the square that is one space to the right or left of the Crater Biome and inside the Mountain itself. You must get it within this square to find the magic hotspot of these higher-tiered Resources located within the same Biome as one another. When scanning the map, check each individual square on the type of Biome it is before you land. You should not land in the Crater spot but instead in the Mountain spot one space away from the Crater.

Once you have landed, use the Scanner to find the hotspot where multiple Resources will be available to extract – Iron and Aluminium. Once you find this, place down the Outpost and use the Build Mode to start the construction. You need 5-10 Iron Extractors and Aluminium Extractors, these need to be placed in the right area of the Biome that is color-coded. Now you need power, use the Solar Arrays and scatter these around. Depending on how many materials you have brought with you will determine how many you can place. The more power you have, the faster your Extractors can harvest Iron and Aluminium.

Place down as many Storage Containers (preferably Large) as you can to gather any Resources that the Extractors pick up. Be sure to link all of your work together: Solar Array – Extractor – Storage Container.

How to Farm Titanium?

Upon making the Containers, you should gather enough Iron and Aluminium to craft a Simple Fabricator. This is then used to craft even more Adaptive Frames for the next structure you need – Warehouses. You need to then link the Storage Container to the Fabricator and finally to the Warehouses. Be sure that when you make your links, you are linking the last Container or Warehouse to the Extractor/Fabricator and then linking each Container/Warehouse to each one so that the Resources filter through, stopping any overflow.

By using the Landing Pad, you can call your Ship in with its Large Cargo Holders to gather all of your Aluminium and Iron. If you are unsure of where to find Titanium, you should try Helio, Groombridge, or Titan. You will need to set up an Outpost similar to the one listed for farming Iron and Aluminium above. This is to first place an Outpost, then Titanium Extractors, power supplied by Solar Arrays, and finally Storage Containers to filter these in and pick up after these have filled.

Keep in mind that all of your Outposts should have a Bench built via the Workbench so that you can actively pass the time on the Planet without having to leave and spend a ton of in-game hours to find success on your farm. Refer to the UT and skip 24 hours, not LT so that you can pick up and empty the Containers to reset the farm.

How to Farm Argon?

Next, you need to head to the Frozen Mountains of Jemison (Sol System). Search for a spot that has Argon. Set up the Outpost with this location in mind where you will need to place down Argon Extractors with Gas Storage Containers linked to the Extractor. Repeat a similar process to the other Outposts we detailed above: Supply Power (Solar) to Extractor to Storage. This will start the farming of Argon which is a key material for the crafting of AMP.

How to Get Toxin and Metabolic Agent?

To gather these crafting materials for the AMP build, you need to use the Scanner and 100% scan the Flora in the Frozen Mountain Biome of Jemison (specifically Cave Nettle and Tufted Snow Willow) which will grant you access to the Greenhouse and to make the Metabolic Agent and Toxin. After doing this, you can use the same Outpost where you are farming Argon. You should be able to place down Greenhouses via the Buildings Tab under the Outpost Build Mode.

Next, you need to place some Water Extractors down which can really go anywhere due to Planets having water readily available for extraction. Use the Greenhouse Console to set its mode to create Metabolic Agent and Toxin. Once again, link the Greenhouse(s) to your power supply (make sure you have enough) and link your Water Extractor(s) to the Greenhouse.

Keep in mind that you can only make one drug at a time, meaning that we highly recommend putting down multiple Greenhouses and setting them to craft Toxin and Metabolic Agent each.

How to Craft Drugs in Starfield?

Now that you have a ton of Argon, Metabolic Agent, and Toxin, you will need to get a Pharmaceutical Lab. These are used to create medicine and other Aid Items in the game. The item you will want to make is AMP. Craft 99 of these using your crucial Crafting Materials and repeat the process until you run out of Argon, Metabolic Agent, and Toxin.

Once you have made a ton of AMP you can head to the Trader on Venus to sell your drugs. You can use the seating area here and pass 1hr Local Time or 100 Universal Time to reset the Trader’s credits. This will offer you approximately 1,000,000 credits by selling, resetting credits, and repeating until you run out of AMPs to sell.

That was our full guide on how to earn a ton of credits by selling drugs in Starfield. For more on this game, be sure to see our articles like All Doctor Locations in Starfield and How to Play Starfield on Cloud Gaming Services. Follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook for all of your intergalactic needs.

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