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All Doctor Locations in Starfield

Is there a doctor around?
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There always seems to be a problem with your character when you’re playing immersive games that require you to fight. Games such as Destiny, No Man’s Sky, and now Starfield need you to run around in space trying to explore various planets. What happens when you’re in grave danger? Who do you get help from?

Players hope that health potions or remedies can be used to solve ailments; in Starfield, there are actual doctors you can find who can fix your injuries. In this guide, we’re going to list all of the known doctors we’ve discovered while playing Starfield.

Where are the Doctors in Starfield?

Are you having issues trying to find medical help while exploring? Do you need assistance immediately? It’s hard to find good help these days and if you’re not careful, you can miss a doctor on a planet’s base. If you’re having issues trying to find a doctor, you’re in luck, because we’ve found where some doctors are located. Here’s a list that can help you the next time you need your character to get checked out.

  • Neon City (Alley): Located down the main alley with bright neon signs.
  • New Atlantis (Centaurian Arsenal): Located next to Centaurian Arsenal, left down the alley, and down the stairs.
  • New Atlantis (Residential District): Go to the Residential district until you reach The Well, head right.
  • New Atlantis (The Well): Go to the medic bay near The Well.
  • Akila City (The Rock): Head to the City Gates and walk to the middle tall building called The Rock. Go left to the infirmary.
  • Cydonia (Main Hub): Go straight until you reach the main hub. Steer left and you’ll see Reliant Medical upstairs.
  • The Key: You can find Dr. Samina Mizrah scattered around all the main vendors on this planet.

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How to Hire a Doctor on Your Ship in Starfield

If you want to recruit a doctor as part of your crew, be aware, that doctors will not be able to treat your wounds. You will be able to use your doctor to travel with and over time they will be able to give you health packs and random healing items. You can recruit a doctor on the planet Akila from the Crimson Fleet Base if you’re interested in having a doctor as part of your crew. You’re going to want to save 12,000 credits in order for a doctor to join your crew.

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