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How does Split-Screen Co-op work in Call of Duty Cold War Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies

How does Split-Screen Co-op work in Call of Duty Cold War Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies

Players looking to get into the latest Call of Duty Cold War games can be happy to know that the game has co-op. From Zombies to Campaign and Multiplayer, there are many ways to have fun with your friends in the newest Black Ops title launch. One of the most highly anticipated modes is Zombies, and chances are you are wondering how it works. So, how does split-screen co-op work in Call of Duty Cold War campaign, zombies, and multiplayer mode? Here’s everything you need to know for those of you trying to have some couch co-op fun.

Is Call of Duty Cold War’s Campaign Co-op?

Call of Duty Cold War’s Campaign mode supports single-player only. You can play the campaign offline, but you’ll have to play through it by yourself. Call of Duty campaigns are traditionally like this, so it should be no surprise to many players familiar with the series.

Is Call of Duty Cold War’s Multiplayer Split-Screen?

Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer versus mode supports two players per console. You can also play multiplayer versus offline mode, so you don’t even need an internet connection to enjoy this with a friend for some couch co-op activities.

Does Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Have Co-op? 

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode does have co-op support, but not split-screen. It looks like the option is coming soon on consoles, but you will need an internet connection because it is limited to online only. There’s currently the option to add a second controller at the loading screen on PlayStation and Xbox, but it does not function at the moment. 

You can fight hordes of zombies by yourself and with up to three friends or random people online with no problem, though. The fan-favorite mode from the previous Black Ops titles is back and better than ever. Offline limitations are likely due to the weapon progression system interacting with your Activision account. All of this is subject to change, and the team might figure out how to make it work and be more couch co-op friendly.

What does Split-Screen Look Like in Call of Duty Cold War?

Split-screen has two options: vertical and horizontal. The horizontal split-screen option has black bars on the left and right sides, while vertical has them on the top and bottom.

Offline Bots

Call of Duty Cold War has offline bots where players can practice using different weapons against AI. You can have twelve total players in a game, and you can do split-screen with a friend against the bots. They come in four difficulties, including Recruit, Regular, Hardened, and Veteran.

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