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Cold War Zombies: How to Build and Upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten

How to Build and Upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten

The newest Black Ops Cold War Zombies map is now available in-game with the Season 4 Reloaded update. Mauer der Toten brings us some brand new scenery, taking place in the horrific zombie-ridden Berlin streets. Inside the underground portion of the map, you’ll come across a strange-looking robot. Well, the robot goes by the name of Klaus, and it can help you do some zombie-slaying if you know how to activate him. Here’s how to build and upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten.

Before diving into this guide, we recommend playing a few rounds normally to familiarize yourself with the new map, Mauer der Toten. Activate the power by following the arrows, and learn the location of the Pack-A-Punch machine so you can navigate the map.

How to build Klaus in Mauer der Toten

To build and upgrade Klaus the robot on Mauer der Toten, you must unlock the underground Safe House past the power room. Klaus looks like a robotic man sitting in a chair inside the Safe House. You will need to install two missing parts in Klaus to activate him: a battery and robotic hands.

How to build Klaus in Mauer der Toten

Where is the battery for Klaus?

Klaus’ battery drops from any undead tank zombie, which can spawn in round ten and above. Once you pick up the battery, install it into Klaus down in the underground Safe House area.

How to Build and Upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten - Battery Part

Where are Klaus’ robotic hands?

To find Klaus’ robotic hands, you will first need to activate the Pack-A-Punch machine and then put the Brain Rot ammo mod on your weapon. With Brain Rot on your weapon, go to Hotel Room 305 and locate the door with a wooden barricade on it. Use Brain Rot on a zombie to make it friendly, and it will destroy the wooden boards. 

Enter the room and collect the robotic hands from Agent Jack, who is dead on the bed. Return to the area with Klaus and install the robotic hands. 

How to Build and Upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten - Robotic Hands

How to upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten

Klaus can be upgraded three times at the designated upgrade station inside the Garment Factory. Each upgrade tier requires the following items:

  • Tier 1: Requires the Microwave Dish
  • Tier 2: Requires one Cosmetic Disk
  • Tier 3: Requires one Cosmetic Disk

Tier 1 Klaus Upgrade

To upgrade Klaus to Tier 1, you must find the Microwave Dish and insert it into the Klaus upgrade station. Once the dish is placed inside the upgrade station, spawn in Klaus and get him twenty to thirty kills in front of the upgrade station, until the light turns green. Move Klaus to the upgrade station, and he will get inside and initiate a one-minute-long upgrade process. Zombies spawn during this time, so be prepared. The first Klaus upgrade gives him a tier 1 Pack-a-Punch weapon.

How to Build and Upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten - Tier 1

Microwave Dish location in Mauer der Toten

You can dig up the microwave dish near the guard towers by the Pack-A-Punch machine. Look for a small pile of scraps in the area near the metal fences. The pile of scraps shows up as Debris Pile that you can search through. Search through the mounds with your interact button until you get the microwave dish to pop out.

Tier 2 and 3 Klaus Upgrades

To upgrade Klaus to tier 2 and 3, you will need to insert the two Cosmetic Disks into the upgrade station. Each subsequent tier gives Klaus a stronger weapon, more health, and the ability to revive teammates.

Cosmetic Disk locations in Mauer der Toten

Finally, you have to locate two Cosmetic Disks, which can randomly spawn inside two of six boxes. The six possible spawn locations for the Cosmetic Disks are as follows:

  1. West Berlin Street, next to the door to Cafe Muller
  2. Blasted Suite, on the wall next to the bed
  3. Maintenance Tunnel, on the wall near the Power Room
  4. Ghost Station, on the wall near the train tracks
  5. Hotel Lounge, on the wall by the Stamin-Up
  6. 5th Floor Apartments, on the wall next to the bookshelf

You can pick up a blacklight down in the Switch Control Room inside of a metal locker to help you with this part. Summon Klaus over to the locker to bust it open. Shine the blacklight next to each metal box on the wall, and look for a Klaus icon. If you see the icon, the metal box contains a Cosmetic Disk. This step is optional, but it certainly speeds up the process so you don’t have to bust open each metal box hoping for the disk.

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