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Where to Find Cuihua Wood in Genshin Impact

One of the trees you may encounter in Genshin Impact is the fruit-bearing Cuihua Tree. You can use the Cuihua Wood collected from these trees to craft furnishing for your Serenitea Pot (Adventure Rank 35 requirement). Follow along to learn more about the Cuihua Tree, where to find Cuihua Wood in Genshin Impact, and more! 

Defining Features of Cuihua Trees

Cuihua Trees are rather noticeable when you know what you’re looking for. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when searching for this type of tree:

  • Out of all the trees, only Cuihua Trees bear fruit. So, if you see Apples or Sunsettias on a tree, you’ll know what type of tree it is right away. 
  • It is a short to medium-sized tree with dense leaf coverage.
  • Cuihua Trees are almost shaped like mushrooms, with a skinnier trunk and a large bulbous shape that forms the leafy branches. 

Oh, and don’t forget to grab all the apples/sunsettias off of the trees! You’ll be able to use them to cook food dishes or for some fetch quests.

Where to Find Cuihua Wood in Genshin Impact

Unfortunately, because the Cuihua Trees provide an in-game material (Apples/Sunsettias), they are not as clustered together as the other types of trees are. When it comes to finding Cuihua Wood, your best bet is to do some adventuring and use your map pins to mark a few locations you can keep coming back to.

The game suggests looking for them in Starfell Valley or Bishui Plains. Our recommendation is to jump from Teleport Waypoint to Teleport Waypoint and do a quick survey of the land around you once you’ve arrived. Several of the Waypoints have Cuihua Trees within a close range that you’ll be able to spot. 

We have circled a few of the Teleport Waypoints with Cuihua Trees near them on the maps below to help get you started. 

How to Find Cuihua Wood in Genshin Impact Map 1
How to Find Cuihua Wood in Genshin Impact Map 2

Also, check around Sal Terrae, Mingyun Village, and a few of the other locations in Bishui Plains for more Cuihua Trees. Liyue seems to have less of these trees directly near the Teleport Waypoints, so be prepared to venture out a bit to find them. 

How to Get Cuihua Wood in Genshin Impact

You can collect 3 pieces of wood from each Cuihua Tree simply by attacking it with your weapon. For the quickest results, we suggest using a character with a Polearm. This weapon type attacks rapidly and has a wide range (so you won’t miss hitting the trees, despite which way you’re looking). 

Quick reminder that hitting multiple trees at once will only drop one piece of wood total (instead of one piece of wood from each of the trees hit). 

Maximize Your Inventory of Cuihua Wood

Due to the Cuihua Tree’s rarity (of sorts), make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to get some of this wood when you see it. 

Trees respawn wood either after a period of time or when a certain number of wood is collected (chopping a dozen trees will refresh the trees you’ve previously hit). Regardless, it is pretty easy to get a lot of wood quickly, just based on the number of trees there are in the game.

For those who are willing to pair up in Co-Op Mode, you can actually collect wood in other player’s worlds. While this won’t inevitably speed up the process of collecting wood, you can earn a few achievements by collecting a certain number of items from another player’s world (if you haven’t already).

Why Farm Cuihua Trees?

As of right now, there is only one craftable furnishing that uses Cuihua wood, and that is the Economy Cuihua Bookshelf. Therefore, unless you are desperately trying to build up your bookshelf collection, you won’t need an excessive amount of this wood type.

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