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Where to Find Fir Wood in Genshin Impact

Where to Find Fir Wood in Genshin Impact

Fir Trees, or Faber’s Firs as the people of Teyvat call them, share a lot of qualities with Pine Trees. You can collect Fir Wood from these trees, which is a valuable material needed to craft furnishings for your Serenitea Pot (Adventure Rank 35 requirement). This brief guide will help you become an expert at collecting Fir Wood and recognizing the characteristics of Faber’s Fir Tree, and where to find it in Genshin Impact

Defining Features of Faber’s Fir Trees

Like Pine Trees, Faber’s Firs are pointed like a triangle. The difference is that a Faber’s Fir has a wider, fuller, and denser frame than that of a Pine Tree. In other words, Pine Trees have lots of gaps between each of their branches, whereas Faber’s Fir is packed full of branches and leaves. Here are some other defining features of this tree:

  • Earthy-brown bark, often with jagged spikes on the tree trunk.
  • The tree trunk can be thin or thick, but there is always a noticeable piece of tree trunk before the branches and leaves start. This makes it appear like a giant triangle lifted up off the ground by an upward line.
  • It has very pointed leaves, like the needles of a Pine Tree.
  • It is one of the larger tree types, and it is usually pretty tall and pretty wide

Where to Find Fir Wood and Trees in Genshin Impact

According to the in-game Archive notes, you can find Faber’s Fir in abundance throughout Galesong Hill and Starfell Valley. One of our favorite spots to farm Fir Wood is along a path near Dawn Winery. You can see this route in the picture below. Follow our list of additional locations below for more options.

Where to Find Fir Wood in Genshin Impact

Additional Locations:

  • Faber’s Firs surround the area around the Midsummer Courtyard Domain.
  • The path to the mountain of Dragonspine (AKA: the main path on the map between Springvale and Windrise) has a few farming locations along the way.
  • Definitely hit up the Teleport Waypoint South of Brightcrown Canyon, as you can see in the picture shown below, there is a large sum of Fiber’s Firs here.
  • Lastly, check out the area West of the Cecilia Garden Domain for more.

How to Collect Fir Wood in Genshin Impact

Collect a maximum of 3 pieces of wood from each Fiber’s Fir tree simply by attacking it with your weapon. For the quickest results, we suggest using a character with a Polearm. This weapon type attacks rapidly and has a wide attack range. 

Quick reminder that hitting multiple trees at once will only drop one piece of wood total (instead of one piece of wood from each of the trees hit). 

Maximize Your Inventory of Fir Wood

Trees in Genshin Impact respawn wood either after a period of time or when a certain number of wood pieces are collected (apparently, chopping a dozen trees will refresh all the trees you’ve previously hit). Regardless, based on the number of Fiber’s Firs accessible in the game, it is fairly easy to get a lot of wood quickly.

Co-Op Mode offers an additional way to obtain Fir Wood. You can actually collect wood in other player’s worlds. While this won’t exactly speed up the process of collecting wood, you can earn a few achievements by collecting a certain number of items from another player’s world (if you haven’t already).

Why Farm Fiber’s Fir Trees? 

With at least 15 different furnishings using Fir Wood as crafting material, Fiber’s Fir are most likely sought after greatly. This is most likely one of the more useful wood types to collect, based on the number of furnishings you can build with it. The furnishings you can make with Fir Wood consist of Mondstadt-based buildings, fruit/toy/umbrella vendor stands, wells, tea tables, outdoor lamps, shelves, grapevines, and huts (made of hay or other materials). Overall, this tree is going to be worth chopping away at.

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