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Where to Find Bamboo Segments in Genshin Impact

Qingce Bamboo

If you’re in need of some Bamboo Segments to make colorful furnishings for your Serenitea Pot (Adventure Rank 35 requirement), you’ll need to slice up some Qingce Bamboo first. Luckily, Qingce Bamboo is easily identifiable and only really sprouts in one place: Qingce Mountain. In this article, we cover the defining features of Qingce Bamboo, where to find Bamboo Segments, and some other useful information regarding this “wood” type in Genshin Impact.

Defining Features of Qingce Bamboo 

Bamboo may have a thin appearance, but it is quite the sturdy material according to Genshin Impact’s description. Here are a few key features of Qingce Bamboo:

  • Even from a distance, it is easy to spot it because of its height
  • Bamboo often clusters close together, so farming a lot of them at once will be easy (please see the important note in the “How to Collect Bamboo Segments” below)
  • Bamboo Shoots grow on the ground near Qingce Bamboo and are a key ingredient in some useful food dishes (Bamboo Shoot Soup and Triple-Layered Consommé)

Where to Find Bamboo Segments in Genshin Impact

As we pointed out earlier, Qingce Bamboo can be found on and around the area of Qingce Mountain. It is most likely one of the earliest places players will explore when arriving in Liyue for the first time. For that reason, even if you aren’t yet to the required Adventure Rank to use the Serenitea Pot, you might want to start stocking up on bamboo now.

There is a very accessible path on the West side of the mountain between two Teleport Waypoints (shown in red in the image below). Merely teleport to one waypoint and run to the other, collecting bamboo along the way. Most likely, by the time you’ve gotten to the other side, many of the earlier bamboo you farmed will have respawned. Teleport back to the same waypoint as before and repeat the process. If you’re really quick, you might not get any new bamboo right away, and will have to give it a few more minutes before proceeding. 

Also check out the areas outlined in orange in the image below, as you may find additional bamboo at these locations.

Where to Find Bamboo Segments in Genshin Impact

How to Collect Bamboo Segments in Genshin Impact

You can collect 3 pieces of bamboo from each Qingce Bamboo stalk. Attack it with a sword, polearm, or claymore to claim its material for yourself. For the quickest results, we recommend using a Polearm character, as they typically attack the quickest and have the largest range. 

Important note: If you haven’t noticed already, hitting multiple stalks at once will only drop one piece of bamboo total (instead of one piece of bamboo from each of the stalks hit). Either keep track of how many pieces you’ve collected or continue swinging away until nothing else drops.

Why Farm Qingce Bamboo?

Bamboo Segments are a bit of a niche material since they only produce a few types of furnishings. If you’re looking to liven your place up with decorative lamps and outdoor festival decorations, make sure you take advantage of the information provided on Bamboo Segments in this article. 

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