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Best Farm Routes for Wood in Genshin Impact

Best Farm Routes for Wood in Genshin Impact

If you’re tired of grinding for artifacts, now you can chop some trees instead. Thanks, Mihoyo! Anyway, travelers can now collect seven types of wood from the various trees throughout Teyvat. Some trees are endemic to specific regions, so you might want to refer to our guide on finding all wood types. You’ll need a lot of wood for all those Serenitea Pot furnishings! In this guide, we’re going to help you min-max like a real lumberjack. Here’s the best way to farm wood in Genshin Impact.

What’s the quickest way to farm wood in Genshin Impact?

The way wood farming works right now is that each tree drops three pieces of wood per session. You may need to wait a split second before the tree refreshes and can drop some more wood. However, because it is session-based, you can stay in a small area, run the route, log out, log back in, and re-run the route again. Teyvat is magical in that respect. 

The best weapon to farm wood with is a Polearm. The reason is simple: it has the best attack speed and is perfect for single targeting trees. You might be thinking a claymore is ideal, but you’d be wrong. Hitting multiple trees at once does not cause more wood to drop. Only one tree will drop a single piece of wood. So, you don’t benefit at all from AoE attacks, and you’d just be farming slightly slower than you would be by using a Polearm.

Best Farm Routes for Wood in Genshin Impact

Here are the fastest and best farm routes in Genshin Impact for Pine, Birch, Fragrant Cedar, Cuihua, Fir, Bamboo, and Sandbearer Wood.

Best Pine Wood Farm Route

The fastest farm route for Pine Wood seems to be inside Mondstadt, near the center of town. There’s a small fountain in front of the Alchemy crafting table. Along the back wall, there’s a row of seven small pine trees. You can get 21 Pine Wood from these, re-log, and rinse and repeat the process. If you get efficient at it, you can rake up around 60 Pine Wood per minute!

Best Birch Wood Farm Route

The best farm route for Birch Wood is at the Statue of the Seven in Starfell Lake. Birch Trees surround the entire lake, so make a circle around, and then re-log to repeat the process. You can net north of 60 Birch Wood per circle, with each circle just taking a couple of minutes.

Best Fragrant Cedar Wood Farm Route

The best farm route for Fragrant Cedar Wood is over in Springvale. Fast travel to the waypoint, and the Cedar Trees will surround you. Head a little southwest, behind Marla on the bench, and make your own circle of about ten or so trees. Log out and back in again to reset the trees until you get as many as you need.

Best Cuihua Wood Farm Route

The Cuihua Wood farm route is the least efficient due to how the trees grow spaced out. Cuihua Trees are the same ones that grow Sunsettias or Apples, so you may already have an idea. The best place to farm the wood is in Dadaupa Gorge. We mapped out an easy-to-follow route down below. The entire route takes about two minutes and gets you 24 Cuihua Wood per run.

Best Fir Wood Farm Route

The best Fir Wood farm route is in Dadaupa Gorge, right next to the fast travel point. There are seven Fir Wood trees literally right next to the waypoint, and you can hit all of them in under a minute. You can get about 50 Fir Wood per minute if you optimize this route.

Best Bamboo Segment Farm Route

The best Bamboo Segment farm route is easily at the southwest Qingce Village waypoint. Teleport there and head a bit north to the bunches of Bamboo Trees. There are actually too many to count, but this is the only place you need to get unlimited Bamboo Segments.

Best Sandbearer Wood Farm Route

The best Sandbearer Wood farm route is at the southeast Guili Plains domain waypoint or the Domain of Forsaken Ruins. Fast travel to this location, and you will see dozens of Sandbearer Trees all around you. Skip over the thicker trees because you can’t hit those. You can make a circle of about ten trees and then rinse and repeat.

Follow our best farm routes for wood in Genshin Impact for an hour or two, and you’ll never have to chop another tree in your life.

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