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Where Can You Find Pre-War Money in Fallout 76?

They have no value, but they are still worthy.
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In all Fallout games, the real-world money we’re using right now is completely useless. Nuka Cola bottlecaps replaced dollars and other currency because of their scarcity but also because they are hard to counterfeit. Still, Pre-War money possesses some kind of value despite being worthless as a payment method.

In Fallout 76, players can find pre-war money in the form of thick wads of bills. Once vital for the economy, these paper bills are worth almost nothing in this world. The key word is “almost” since there are some uses for those pieces of paper. And I don’t mean hoarding useless trash as some of us like to do. Namely, players can convert each stash of Pre-War money into Cloth, which is a crafting component that is equally valuable and hard to obtain. Now, let’s see what are some good places to find some Pre-War money.

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Pre-War Money Locations in Fallout 76

Urban Areas

The rule of thumb for junk hoarders in Fallout 76 is to start in the former city areas on the map. The same goes for the old money. In my adventures of the postapocalyptic landscape, I realized the best places to look for Pre-War items are where people would usually store them before the war. That boils down to two possible targets: safes and cash registers.

You will find the vast majority of safes in former city areas, usually in bedrooms, offices, or behind the store counters. As for cash registers, you can easily locate them in some derelict shops, especially grocery stores. It’s a good thing that Fallout 76 allows for more inventory space, so you can carry more of that sweet money with you.

Unusual Locations

There are some unexpected places to find Pre-War money. For example, I found some of it while scavenging settler corpses that appear randomly. Also, there are Pre-War money stashes in a number of towns like Flatwood. Another good way to find old money is in secure transport containers that cargo bots carry around. Another interesting way to get Pre-War money is going to  Pleasant Valley Ski Resort and turning in a Pleasant Valley claim ticket with the bellhop. This nifty maneuver can earn you 10-30 Pre-Wars as a reward.


Some events bring more Pre-War money than usual. For example, the Collision Course event brought around 100 ex-money. Dropped Connection event brings a variable amount of Pre-War money in the supply drop, usually around 40 to 50. You can complete this Enclave event quest in Watoga, Berkeley Springs, or Harpers Ferry. Last but not least, a good deal of Pre-War money you can obtain during the Back on the Beat quest. Be aware both Dropped Connection and Back on the Beat quests have some difficult fights. Make sure you equip yourself properly before you try those.

In Fallout 76, Pre-War money is certainly obsolete when it comes to currency. Nonetheless, people can still use it as a resource for some items. Players can find it almost anywhere, but some places contain it more than others. For more Fallout 76 guides, check out our articles about All Cryptid Rewards and How to Unlock Them in Fallout 76 or How to Get Brother Steven as an Ally in Fallout 76

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