Best Wood Farming Strategy in Fallout 76

A few scraps here, a stack of wood there.
Fallout 76 Wood
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If you want to survive Appalachia and the world’s end, you must learn various crafting methods and plans to keep well-stocked and equipped for anything. Here is the best wood-farming strategy in Fallout 76!

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How to Farm Wood in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 West Virginia Lumber Co.
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Whether you require a handful of wood scraps for the last piece of shoulder armor, or perhaps you need bulk wood to build the C.A.M.P. of your dreams, you can farm wood in Fallout 76 from various locations, such as West Virginia Lumber Co and Gilman Lumber Mill.

Some of the most common spots to find wood, besides out in the open world via loot containers, include:

  • W.V. Lumber Co.
  • Gilman Lumber Mill
  • Middle Mountain Cabinets
  • Helvetia
  • Freyja’s Haus Restaurant
  • Superior Sunset Farm
  • Prickett’s Fort
  • Cranberry Bog

When it comes to tracking down wood in Cranberry Bog, look around the various dams. You will find a lot of wood held captive in the flow of water!

Furthermore, numerous workshops across Appalachia feature wood piles, which yield wood scraps in bulk after you construct a wood extractor. These workshops include:

  • Dabney Homestead
  • Dolly Sods Campground
  • Gorge Junkyard
  • Lakeside Cabins
  • Thunder Mountain Power Plant Yard

If you require wood in bulk, these five workshops prove the most accessible and efficient way to farm wood in Fallout 76!

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What is Wood For in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 Wood Pile
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As one of the most common crafting components in the game, you will require a competent wood farming strategy in Fallout 76 for all manner of items, including certain armor pieces in the early game, along with countless C.A.M.P. construction pieces to build a home away from the wasteland.

But here’s the thing. Wood is quite heavy. And you can’t sell wood or wood scraps to a vendor unless you bulk at by using the Tinkerer’s Workbench. Once you’ve done that, it will free up some space in your storage, and you can earn some caps by farming wood. However, that’s not a surefire method to get rich in Appalachia.

Gamer Journalist continues to explore the nooks and crannies in Cranberry Bog and the Savage Divide in search of quality video game guides for Fallout 76. For instance, do you know what counts as a mutated enemy.

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