How to Complete Tracking Unknowns in Fallout 76?

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While playing Fallout 76, you will encounter a vast number of side quests for you to do, and each of them brings rewards, experience, etc. One of those sidequests is called the Tracking Unknowns, which brings with it a set of really nice rewards.

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Tracking Unknowns Walkthrough Fallout 76

Be prepared to walk a few miles to complete the Tracking Unknowns side quest because it will take you from Harpers Ferry to Dyer Chemical, with a few locations between. Players who complete it will get a unique weapon as a rewardThe Pyrolyzer.

Primarily, when you get to Harpers Ferry for the first time, you’ll receive a quest called “Investigate Harpers Ferry.” Once you get it, go to the settlement. Beware that on your way there, you’ll probably encounter enemies such as Super Mutants or Scorched. Also, don’t forget that you’ll need to be at least at level 30 to finish this quest. The quest will mark three different locations around the town – go to any of them, read the “Missing Persons” topic, and then select “Missing Hunting Party.”

After you’re done, it’s time to begin the Tracking Unknowns side quest. Go southeast and follow the river until you get to the spot north of Valley Galleria. Once you get there, search the forest, where you’ll find Hardball, who you should talk to. He will give you a task to find a Signal Booster.

Two Signal Boosters can be found on the map, and you can get either one of them. The first one is in Valley Galleria, and the second is located in Harpers Ferry. We recommend the one in Valley Galleria since there are far fewer enemies there.

When you get the Signal Booster, go to Camp Venture, southwest of Valley Galleria and south of Harpers Ferry. Access the control terminal and call in a cargobot. When it arrives, attach the Signal Booster to it. Then, you will be able to listen to a new Distress Beacon radio station on your Pip-Boy.

Watch the signal strength in the top left corner of the Pip-Boy to track down the Distress Beacon. You’ll find it at the bottom of a tower located north of the river that flows through the Mire. The beacon is next to a dead body, so grab Randy’s Holotape from it and start listening.

Near that location, you’ll notice an abandoned car and Nari Samir’s body. On her body, you’ll fetch the items you need:

  • Nari’s Holotape;
  • Dyer Chemical ID Card;
  • Prototype Hazmat Suit.

Once you get all of the items, start making your way to Dyer Chemical. Continue following the river to the north, and at some point, you’ll reach this chemical factory. It is not wise to enter the factory through the main door. A better option is to locate a hatch with pipes in the west and climb through it.

When you are finally inside, use the ID card obtained from Nari’s body to enter the Dyer Chemical Sewer and follow it until you get to the control room. Inside the control room, you’ll find another dead body. Collect Lucy’s Holotape from it, and you will complete the Tracking Unknows side quest in Fallout 76.

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