What Counts as Mutated Enemy and How Do You Find Them in Fallout 76?

Let's get the mutated fellows.
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Fallout 76 features a ton of missions and innumerable enemies. Furthermore, each enemy has a different nature and level of skill. The altered adversary is classified as a powerful creature and possesses improved skills. Sadly, a lot of players can’t locate the opponents needed to finish the tasks. And that’s where we come to help.

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How to Find Mutated Enemies in Fallout 76?

Mutated enemies can be easily found in two ways: during the Daily Ops-Mutation events or during Mutated Public Events. They can be found in other events as well, but only these two guarantee you will find them.

Mutated enemies are creatures affected by the environment in a way that makes them extremely dangerous. They can be victims of radiation, plagues, or contamination. Some examples of mutated enemies are Feral ghouls, Super mutants, and Scorhead.

Where to Look for Mutated Enemies?

Usually, a good starting point when looking for mutated enemies is highly contaminated zones. Areas with high levels of radiation and red zones are very probable locations for mutated enemies. Unfortunately, being inside a dangerous zone doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a mutated enemy. Thankfully, there are some ways to find mutated enemies for sure.

Daily Ops

The quickest and most straightforward way to locate the mutated enemy is to play the Daily Ops. The missions available in Daily Ops are for paying alone or with a group. To start the Enemy Mutation event, players have to find it in the Daily Ops menu. Fortunately, every enemy that can be found on the map during the Enemy Mutation events is mutated. Therefore, players can frag any enemy they find on the map. With a good build, you can kill enemies easily.

Mutated Public Events

From time to time, Fallout 76 releases Public Events, with the intention to make the gaming experience better. One kind of Public Events are the Mutated Public events, in which many enemies you meet on the map are mutated. That way, you can easily complete the Kill a Mutated Enemy challenge.

Rewards for Killing Mutated Enemies

If you expect some spectacular rewards, well, you came to the wrong place. Killing mutated enemies is relatively simple once you know where to find them, so the rewards are distributed accordingly. Depending on their level, players can earn between 300 and 500 S.C.O.R.E. for finishing any daily event. The weekly challenge can earn players up to 100,000 of them. The score points are useful for moving up the ranks and receiving different types of rewards.

Mutated enemies are pretty easy to find if you know where to look. For more related articles, try out Where to Find Ogua in Fallout 76? or Fallout 76 All Garden Gnome Locations.

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