The Best Backpack Mods in Fallout 76

Enhance your backpack tenfold!
Fallout 76 Backpack
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With so many items, pieces of scrap, and weapons to collect, you need a way to bolster your carrying capacity in Fallout 76. Here are the best backpack mods in Fallout 76 to make weight management a bit easier!

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Top Backpack Mods to Focus On in Fallout 76

There are eight backpack mods in Fallout 76, with the best of them including Chemist’s Backpack Mod, High Capacity, Insulated, and Armor Plated. Of course, you can only install one at any given time, so choosing the best of the best proves challenging. It depends on your playstyle and requirements.

Backpack ModDescriptionEffectResourcesRequirements
Chemist’s BackpackReduces overall chem weight by 90%, but does not stack with perks.Reduced chem weight.2x Copper
6x Plastic
Plan: Chemist’s Backpack Mod
High CapacityIncreases overall carrying capacity but reduces energy and rad resistance.Increased carry weight.5x Cloth
2x Leather
1x Plastic
Plan: Backpack High Capacity Mod
Scrap RatReduces the weight of Scrap and Components by 90%.Significantly reduces scrap weight.2x Plastic
1x Rubber
1x Cloth
Summer CAMP Challenge
Armor PlatedLowers carrying capacity but significantly increases damage resistance.Improves overall damage resistance.1x Oil
2x Plastic
1x Steel
Plan: Backpack Armor Plated Mod

All four backpack mods provide a unique benefit that buffs specific playstyles. For those who enjoy crafting, Scrap Rat is the ideal mod to reduce weight. If you find yourself constantly in combat, then Armor Plated may save your life once or twice in the near future!

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How to Craft a Backpack?

Fallout 76 Backpack Modification
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There are two primary types of backpacks in Fallout 76: Standard Small Backpack and Standard Large Backpack. Of course, you can find variations of both, with unique modifications, scattered throughout Appalachia.

But to craft and modify your backpack at C.A.M.P., you first must find the plans. And thankfully, they come relatively early.

On the top floor, you will find the Standard Small Backpack plans at Morgantown Airport inside the Overseer’s Cache. As for the Standard Large Backpack, you must complete the Kindness, Bravery, Helpfulness, and Growth quests at Camp Lewis. It’s a reward for finishing The Order of the Tadpole.

Fallout 76 features countless items, weapons, and quests to discover and tackle, and Gamer Journalist is here to help you out with the toughest of them. We’ll teach you how to complete Tracking Unknowns, for instance!

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