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The flamer build in Fallout 76 is a highly destructive way to customize your character. If you do it right, you will unleash terrifyingly destructive power that will make an end of your foes in mere moments. However, not all perks and attributes go well with the flamer weapon.

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How to Make the Best Flamer Build

To have a bill that is optimized for using the flamer, you would need to level out your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. character sheet. That means you will have to put points in your strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck.


Strength is one of the three most important abilities you should put your points into, aside from charisma and agility. At the maximum level, you should have 10 strength points with + 5 bonus points with a Legendary Perk. Speaking about skills, you should put your points in the following order:

  • 3x Traveling Pharmacy
  • 3x Heavy Gunner
  • 3x Expert Heavy Gunner
  • 3x Master Having Gunner
  • 3x Lock And Load


Perception is the least important stat for this build. Therefore, you should put only three points in Perception, and the skill is the following:

  • 3x Glow Sight


Endurance is another less important attribute, although it’s not an entire drop stat as perception. You should put 4 points in endurance in the next skills:

  • 1x Radicool
  • 3x Chem Fiend / 3x Fireproof


It might sound contradictory, but charisma is very important for the flamer build. Charisma takes 10 skill points you can spend on four skills:

  • 3x Inspirational
  • 1x Strange In Numbers
  • 3x Tenderizer
  • 3x Friendly Fire


Intelligence shares the title of the second-best attribute with agility. You should put 9 skill points in Intelligence, with a +5 Legendary Perk bonus, which gives us 14. Those 14 points you can spend like this:

  • 3x Power User
  • 3x Nerd Rage!
  • 3x Stabilized
  • 3x Batteries Included
  • 2x Gunsmith


Agility is the most important native ability in the flamer build. You should put 14 points in agility and invest them in the following skills:

  • 5x Adrenaline
  • 3x Thru-Hiker
  • 3x Dodgy
  • 3x Action Boy/Girl


Luck is a moderately important attribute, but it is still one of the three attributes for which you will give a +5 Legendary Perk bonus on 6 skill points. The skills you should buy with those 11 points are:

  • 2x Starched Genes
  • 3x Class Freak
  • 3x Ricochet
  • 3x Bloody Mess

Legendary Perks

Legendary Perks are a great way to enhance your abilities. For the flamer build, we would recommend the following Legendary Perks:

  • Taking One For The Team
  • Electric Absorption
  • Legendary Strength
  • Legendary Intelligence
  • Legendary Luck
  • Master Infiltrator


Mutations are changes in your organism affected by environmental contamination. Some mutations might be beneficial, but most of them are a hindrance. These are the mutations that work the best with the flamer build:

  • Egg Head
  • Bird Bones
  • Marsupial
  • Adrenal Reaction
  • Speed Demon
  • Empath
  • Herd Mentality
  • Herbivore

The flamer build is based on strength, agility, intelligence, and luck. For more related content, please check out Should You Use Class Freak Perk in Fallout 76? or How to Find Farmable Dirt Tiles in Fallout 76.

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