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Furina Ascension Material Boss Location in Genshin Impact

Hydro Archon faces hydro monster.
Genshin Impact
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Furina has been added as a playable character in Genshin Impact. She is the Hydro Archon that temporarily presides over Fontaine, but after the death of Focalors, she lives as an ordinary human. If you play as Furina, you will want to ascend her abilities and upgrade her to the highest level.

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How to Ascend Furina in Genshin Impact?

In order to ascend Furina, you will have to defeat a boss called Hydro Tulpa. Labeled as one of the most significant monsters, it is located in the Fontaine region.

Hydro Tulpa location
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To start the search, spawn on one of the two waypoints in the Chemin de L’Espoir area. Look for a large underwater cave entrance, and once you find it, follow the path until you reach a Hydro barrier. After you pass it, Hydro Tulpa will be waiting for you, and the battle can begin. Don’t forget to unlock Teleport Waypoint before you start the fight.

How to Defeat Hydro Tulpa?

First of all, pay attention to tiny Hydro Tulpas, which spawn from time to time and can prove to be a major distraction because they inflict increased damage and attack more aggressively. Also, if you ignore tiny Tulpas, the big boss will go to them and absorb their power to become even more stronger. That’s why you should deal with those little rascals instantly, with elemental reactions like Swirl and Pyro. Note that Swirl has a faster effect, while Pyro takes some time to start working.

As for the Hydro Tulpa itself, the fight starts by walking on the water splash in the middle of the location where you face each other. You can deal damage to Hydro Tulpa at any point in the fight. Attack the boss with Cryo, Pyro, or Electro. Stay alert to Hydro Tulpa’s chain of attacks, melees in close encounters, and Ranged spears, as those are its most common attacking moves.

Defeating the Hydro Tulpa is necessary for ascension to higher levels. One of the rewards you get for slaying this monster is Varunada Lazurite, the Hydro gemstone Furina will use as the Hydro Archon. Besides the materials you gain after the win in this battle, you will also need some Fontaine local materials, as well as the nectar dropped by Whopperflowers in order to reach higher levels.

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