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Where to find Treasure Hoarder Insignias in Genshin Impact

Where to find Treasure Hoarder Insignias in Genshin Impact

At some point in your travels, you’ll most likely need an item called the Treasure Hoarder Insignia. This item can be obtained from Treasure Hoarders and is used to ascend (a.k.a. increase the maximum level of) 4 playable characters and 16 weapons. The characters include Kaeya, Bennett, Beidou, and Xinyan. This brief guide will teach you where to find Treasure Hoarder Insignias in Genshin Impact and take the treasure for yourself!

Treasure Hoarders can be found in the same few locations in Liyue every day, so you can use the in-game Map Pins feature to save the Treasure Hoarder’s spawn points if needed.

Where to find Treasure Hoarder Insignias in Genshin Impact

The easiest way to farm Treasure Hoarder Insignias in Genshin Impact is by using the Adventurer Handbook. If you navigate to the Adventurer Handbook menu and go to the enemies tab, then you’ll see a list of all the types of enemies you can fight, including the Treasure Hoarders. All you have to do is hit navigate and it will mark a group of treasure hoarders on your map.

Where to find Treasure Hoarder Insignias in Genshin Impact - Qingce Village

After you travel there and defeat the enemies, make sure to go back to your Adventurer’s Handbook and hit navigate on the treasure hoarders again. In the current version of Genshin (1.4), the navigate feature will not refresh the next enemy spawn from the Adventurer Handbook like it does for Ley Line deposits.

Treasure Hoarder Locations

The following is a small list of places you can start your search for Treasure Hoarders:

  • Western outskirts of Qingce Village (2 spots)
  • Nantianmen (2 spots)
  • Far East of Luhua Pool, directly next to the coastline teleport point

Additionally, there are a few special locations that come with the benefit of respawning artifact investigation spots. Keep in mind these lower-level artifacts can provide experience for the better artifacts that matter. 

  • East of Mt. Aozong 
  • Near the Domain in Jueyun Karst

Still need more Treasure Hoarder Insignias? Try Ley Lines

If you’re lucky, there is a chance that you will fight a large group of treasure hoarders when battling the Ley Line deposits (these can be seen as blue or yellow round icons on the map). Even if you don’t spend your original resin to collect the ley line deposit’s Mora or character experience reward, you can still pick up all the items the enemies dropped during the fight. In other words, there’s a possibility to get a massive amount of treasure hoarder insignias just from fighting the Ley Lines.

You can also use this tactic for other items you might need to farm in the future. Whatever extra materials you get from the Ley Lines can be converted into other more useful materials like weapon enhancement ore and talent ascension materials by using the Parametric Transformer gadget once a week (Adventure Rank 31+ only). 

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