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All Stat-Boost Materia Fusion Items In Crisis Core Reunion

Chug a Hero Drink for an extra boost!

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion’s materia fusion system allows you to combine your coveted spells and abilities to create even more powerful attacks. In fact, some of the game’s most powerful abilities are locked behind very specific combinations. But materia crafting can also boost your stats far beyond what leveling up offers, and the best stat boosts come by way of particular items.

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These items are exclusively used in the materia crafting process, and they can alter the properties of fused materia to give Zack some much-needed stat buffs. It’s possible to dramatically increase any of Zack’s stats this way, but you’ll need the right ingredients to target the desired stat. Bear in mind, you’ll need to complete M7-2-1: Search and Destroy and unlock Item Fusion before you’ll be able to use this feature.

All Stat-Boost Materia Fusion Items

a menu screen with a list of items on the left side and Zack's stat block on the right. At the bottom is text describing the selected item: "Use in materia fusion for SPR +1"
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There are eight total stats that determine Zack’s performance in battle: Attack, Vitality, Magic, Spirit, Luck, HP, MP, and AP. Each one directly affects a particular element of combat. Attack and Magic affect the damage Zack deals, Vitality and Spirit affect the damage he receives, Luck determines critical hit rates and item drops, and HP, MP, and AP are pools you pull from to stay alive and use special abilities.

Zack gains small boosts to all stats every time he levels up, but the best method for increasing Zack’s stats is through curated materia buffs. To do this, you’ll need to know which items correlate to each stat. These items are:

  • Lunar Harp – MP
  • Gyashl Greens – Luck
  • Mythril – Spirit
  • Dark Matter – Magic
  • Hero Drink – Attack
  • Fat Chocobo Feather – HP
  • Adamantite – Vitality
  • Zeio Nut – AP

Additionally, there are weaker, more common items called Mako Stones and Stones that can also be used to boost or alter materia stats. These stones have their associated stats in their name, but you’ll need to use more of them in order to gain a level with that desired stat. The ratios work out like this:

  • Mako Stones – 5 per 1 level/ 10%
  • Stones – 3 per 1 level/ 10%
  • Named Items (e.g. Lunar Harp) – 1 per 1 level/ 10%

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Most of these stat-boosting items are either rewards for side missions or located in treasure chests located within these missions. The M8-2 Mission chain introduces these stones, and other missions within M8: Zack the Materia Hunter have multiple chests with Mako Stones and Stones inside. M10-3 also has named item rewards for each of its three missions, as do other missions like M1-1-2 and M1-4-1.

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