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How to Get Titan Powers in Final Fantasy 16?

Titan is within your reach!
Final Fantasy 16
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We can safely say that Final Fantasy 16 will shower you with plenty of abilities you can use to fight enemies and that it’s not an easy choice to create an ideal combo. However, that “problem” is also a sea of opportunities as you can create a unique ability mixture for your Clive.

Titan abilities are among the most sought-after because they offer strong defensive skills that you can use to block massive damage coming your way and dash to your opponent’s face without having to worry too much. Hop in to learn how to get Titan abilities and how they can benefit you in combat.

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How Can You Get Titan Abilities in Final Fantasy 16?

Unlocking Titan is pretty straightforward in Final Fantasy 16 as you will get it as soon as you complete Chapter 38, Capital Punishment. At the end of that quest, you will need to defeat Hugo Kupka that is the dominant of Titan Eikon. Once defeated you will acquire the ability to wield its powers. However, note that you will be able to use and upgrade Titan abilities from the beginning of Chapter 39, Bolts from the Blue.

There is a total of 5 Titan Eikonic Abilities and we will offer a short description of all of them below.

Raging Fists

Raging fists allow you to step into your opponent’s face while blocking any incoming attacks. This is followed by a barrage of punches that deal devastating damage. You will need 1720 ability points (AP) to completely upgrade and master this move and once you do you will be able to use it with your other Eikons.


Windup gives you the ability to punch forward as strong as you’d like. On a simple tap, you will just throw out a regular punch, but when you hold the Windup button a bit the punch will charge and become much more powerful. Completely upgrading the ability costs 1660 ability points and when you master it you will be able to use it with any Eikon.


You can use this AoE ability to slam the ground and deal damage to all enemies around you. Like Windup, you can either decide to do a short and low-damage slam or you can hold the ability button and perform a stronger slam that will affect more enemies and deal brutal damage. You can even use it when in midair for the most devastating blow.

You can upgrade and master this ability for 1525 AP and once it’s mastered it can be used by your other Eikons.

Earthen Fury

Show your enemies your true fury by driving both your hands into the ground and causing them to surge upwards. With this move, you will blow up everyone near you and deal serious damage with an array of hits to everyone in range. It’s a great crowd-control skill that you can use to save yourself when in a pickle.

Since the ability carries so much strength it’s bound to cost a lot of ability points. The first upgrade will cost you 1895 AP while completely mastering it will be 8920 AP! As you upgrade it the AoE of the ability is getting increased as is the number of hits you lash out. When you master it you can assign it to any other Eikon.

Titanic Block

As the name says, this is a blocking ability that when timed perfectly, is giving you the opportunity to deal with up to three counterattacks. This combination of offense and defense attacks is brutal and is as OP as it sounds. You can defeat multiple enemies at once with this ability with no problems. There is only one level up of upgrade for this spell that is simultaneously its mastery and costs 800 AP.

We hope you’ll wreck some enemies with these Titanic abilities! Read more about Final Fantasy 16 in our articles that talk about Can You Change Outfits in Final Fantasy 16 and How to Perform an Eikonic Breakthrough in Final Fantasy 16. Keep an eye out for our Facebook page and give us a like if you want to be in touch with the latest news and guides from the gaming industry.

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