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How to Get Blast Wave in Crisis Core Reunion

A reunion with powerful abilities. Just like the old times.
Image Via Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII is perhaps one of the most influential gaming events of all time. It spawned video game sequels and fan favorite entries. It even has a movie under its shoulder. No wonder many consider it the best game of all time, and when the remake was announced, it was worldwide news. Now that we are waiting for the remake’s second part, we have business taking care of FFVII’s prequel, Crisis Core. It has also received some update love, and its remaster, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion (quite a long title) is now available for all. And just like the good old days of the PSP, this is a great title for you to play with. Here is how to get Blast Wave in Crisis Core Reunion.

How to Get Blast Wave

Blast Wave is one of the many abilities you can pick up during the game. It will grant you the ability to command materia, and like the name says it, blast it towards the enemy. There is not one, but three ways you will be able to gather it, so continue reading to know how to get Blast Wave in Crisis Core Reunion:

  • The most straightforward way to get the Blast Wave is to complete the Regain the Mako Factory mission. After you clear “Ruble in Midgae” while clashing with the Genesis’s forces, you will be rewarded with the Blast Wave.
  • Alternatively, you can find the Blast Wave Materia in chests during the following missions: Twins in the Caverns and The Irritated Recruiter. Chests are spread all over the map, so be sure to locate them as soon as possible.
  • Finally, if you wish to do so, you can also collect the Blast Wave by stealing it from an enemy. In this case, it will be a Martial Tank drop. Be sure to deal the most damage possible, since Martial Tank does not possess any weakness or resistance.

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Be sure to enjoy the powerful Blast Wave that will have your enemies KO’d in no time. Just be sure to pick the best way you wish to collect it, and you will be all set. Good luck battling your way through the missions and possibly stealing this Materia.

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