a lean young man in dark clothing with large, metal shoulder guards uses magic on a pair of monstrous beetles. text over his head reads "Dark Thunder" and purple bolts of electricity cover the beetles. text in the middle of the screen reads "77-" No MP/AP Cost activated!"
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How To Make Dark Magic In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Join the Dark (magic) side!

Magic is one of the many potent methods of dealing damage available to Zack Fair on his adventure in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Not only can you deal damage from a distance with it, but magic also allows you to exploit enemy elemental weaknesses. Against some of the game’s tougher enemies, magic is all but required to make it through alive.

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But not all magic is created equal, and there’s a darker side to these powerful materia that offers a bit more kick. Dark Magic materia work almost identically to their lighter counterparts, but they’re a little harder to come by than your garden variety spell. Once you’ve used Dark Magic, though, it’ll be hard to ever go back to standard versions.

How To Make Dark Magic Materia

a menu screen showing a list of attack and spell materia on the right and fusion options on the left. the first slot is filled with an Esune spell, the second with Blizzard. The result at the bottom reads "Dark Blizzard"
Screenshot via Square Enix

Making Dark Magic Materia is pretty straightforward, though you’ll need the right ingredients first. After unlocking Materia Fusion, you’ll enter the Fusion menu and select the spell you’d like to fuse. Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire are all possible choices, as are their evolved forms.

The second piece of the recipe is either an Esuna or Poison materia, but you’ll need to keep a close eye on the final product before hitting that fuse button. The base spell materia needs to have at least three-star levels for the fusion to produce Dark Magic. Otherwise, you’ll just get a slightly stronger version of Esuna or Poison.

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How To Use It

It’s worth noting that Dark Magic tends to use more MP than standard spells, but the tradeoff is worth the cost. Dark Magic not only deals damage to enemies, but it also has the chance to inflict Silence and Poison on enemies. This makes it particularly potent against enemies that rely on powerful spells, as it shuts down their attacks entirely.

Unlocking Item Fusion also makes it even easier to boost these spells to higher tiers and unlock powerful materia like Dark Thundaga early. Since Dark Magic does use up more MP, though, it’s recommended that you build Zack’s stats around their use. Materia like MP Boost and Magic boost will increase his damage and output, while attacks like Osmose Blade deal damage and steal MP from enemies.

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