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How to Get New Costumes in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis?

Our classic cast of characters return sporting new outfits.
How to Get New Costumes in FF7: EC featured image
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Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis adds a plethora of new and interesting design choices to the world of FF7. While there are familiar systems and stories that fans of the games will know, the developers have opted to include even more. From new story content to a new mobile way to control your teammates.

Furthermore, it seems Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis brings costumes to the cast for the very first time. These outfits will dazzle people online and show a different side to the classic characters we’ve come to know and love. So let’s go to the wardrobe and figure out how to get new costumes in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis.

Where to Get New Costumes in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis?

How to Get New Costumes in FF7: EC stamp card
Screenshot via Square Enix/GamerJournalist

Besides the main way of obtaining costumes that we’re about to explain, players can take advantage of the exchange menu. There is a gear exchange where you can trade gear vouchers for a multitude of available costumes. But like most things in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, the main way to get new costumes is by utilizing the limited-time event gacha banners.

When event banners arrive, they come with two event weapons for select characters, as well as two unique costumes to go along with them. However, obtaining the weapon does not give you the respective costume. This is where the Stamp Cards come into play.

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Stamp Cards are a feature attached to event banners, as a sort of pity system for the gacha. By performing 10 draws at the same time, you’ll get a chance to advance your Stamp Card. Players get 3 Stamp Cards they will need to complete if they want to get both of the costumes in a single banner. The amount of stamps per 10 draws is random, but you will get both costumes at number 12, and 24 (2-12).

You’ll get the choice to choose which costume you’d like to earn in each spot, but you need to perform a decent amount of draws on the banners since the most stamps we’ve seen at one time are 4. But once you acquire a new costume, you’ll want to go ahead and equip it.

How to Equip Costumes in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis?

How to Get New Costumes in FF7: EC equip costume
Screenshot via Square Enix/GamerJournalist

Each new costume you unlock has its very own stats attached to it. That being said, you do have the option to just equip the skin without its stats as a transmog. You’ll want to go ahead and head to the ‘Party’ tab and choose ‘Solo Party’.

If you don’t already have the character equipped, tap on a character and choose the character with the new costume from the bottom right. Then, on the right-hand side of the screen tap the outfit slot to the left of the limit break slot. From here you can choose to equip it in the battle gear tab, or the skin tab.

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