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Rogue Company: Ronin Weapons, Abilities, and Perks Guide

Rogue Company: Ronin Weapons, Abilities, and Perks Guide

Hi-Rez Studios’ new competitive third-person shooter game Rogue Company offers thirteen playable Rogues. Ronin is an underground street racing champion who’s always up for some action. She uses her Ballistic Knife and Underground abilities to move around the map covertly. With her AR and SMG weapon combo, she’s a deadly opponent on the battlefield. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at Rogue Company Ronin’s weapons, abilities, utility, and perks.

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Ronin Abilities

  • Ballistic Knife (Active) – Equips an explosive throwing knife that attaches to surfaces and detonates when enemies are near.
  • Underground (Passive) – Hidden on the enemies’ mini-map.

Rogue Company Ronin Weapons

  • KA30 – The KA30 is a versatile assault rifle.
    • T1: Increases magazine size. 
    • T2: Increases the hip-fire accuracy.
    • T3: Increases damage range.
  • SL-C – The SL-C is a high rate of fire submachine gun.
    • T1: Increases magazine size.
    • T2: Increases the hip-fire accuracy.
    • T3: Suppresses firing and reduces recoil
  • Spitfire – The Spitfire is a state-of-the-art automatic pistol.
    • T1: Increases magazine size.
    • T2: Suppresses firing and reduces reticle bloom.
  • Katana – The Katana is a razor-sharp melee weapon.
    • T1: Increases throw damage.
    • T2: Increases swing damage

Ronin Utility

  • Smoke Grenade – A grenade that releases a thick cloud of obscuring smoke.
    • T1: Increases smoke duration and reduces enemy movement speed in smoke.
    • T2: Increases grenade count by 1.
  • Grenade – A grenade that explodes after a short fuse and can be cooked.
    • T1: Increases explosion radius.
    • T2: Damage increased to 125.

Rogue Company Ronin Perks

  • Berseker – Gain the ability to reload while sprinting.
  • Evade – After being damages, increases movement speed for a short duration.
  • Tenacity – Take reduced damage from explosives.
  • Nimble Hands – Increases weapon swap and reload speed.
  • Replenish – Downing an enemy reloads your currently equipped weapon and restores ammunition.
  • Sixth Sense – Get notified when an enemy within 25m is looking in your direction or at you.

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