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Rogue Company Gl1tch: How To Play & Abilities

Gl1tch can do it all.
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Rogue Company offers no shortage of unique characters to play as through its gallery of Rogues. With many abilities, weapons, and specific jobs each one does, there’s always someone new to play as and unlock the possibilities of. One of those great characters is Gl1tch, a hacker from the Breach category of Rogues. His hacking abilities can make him an imperative asset for a team to succeed in battle. Today, we’ll explain how to play as him and discuss his abilities.

Rogue Company Gl1tch: How To Play & Abilities

Rogue Company Gl1tch Perks
Image by Gamer Journalist

As gl1tch is a hacker, players are going to really want to use him tactically. He’s actually pretty quick and tough as well which works wonderfully with his ability of Hack. It can identify nearby enemy gadgets, jams radar, destroys gadgets, and even inhibit enemy abilities or gadget use. Using him to get around the battlefield and totally disrupt the other team proves invaluable when it comes down to it all. His Passive Ability, Intuition, makes it so that he is always able to see enemy equipment on his own, even through walls.

As far as his weapons go, Gl1tch has access to the SKL-6 Shotgun and the LMP-X SMG. Deciding on which one you’re going to want to use is really up to how comfortable you are with either type of gun. I personally go with the SKL-6 as my choice for close-quarters combat. His Executioner pistol is a beautiful secondary and works pretty well in long-range situations and has great damage. Additionally, He has a Baseball Bat as a Melee Weapon and for Gadgets, a Flashbang and Semtex. I typically take the Bat and the Flashbang when I play as him.

Gl1tch has a number of useful Perks but there are a select few I got to ASAP. Firstly, I go for Energized which recharges his ability 15% faster and Tracker Rounds as these enemies to the entire team for 2 seconds after being hit. Then, I go for Padded Steps which silences footsteps when not sprinting, Armor which grants Gl1tch 50 armor, and Tenacity which reduces both melee and explosive damage he takes by 40%.

Again, when it comes to playing as Gl1tch you’re going to want to move around your team’s position and reveal what secrets the enemy team has as well as disrupt them quite a bit. I typically don’t stray too far from my team so that we’re all in close proximity. Gl1tch’s weapons are also focused on close-quarters so this strategy ensures you won’t die a lot either.

That’s all there is to know when playing as Gl1tch in Rogue Company! Now you know the secrets so get out there and win some matches!

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