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Cannon Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

If you're looking for an effective new defender in Rogue Company, Cannon is your man!
Canon Rogue Company Weapons
Image via Gamer journalist/First Watch Games

There are so many great Rogues within Rogue Company’s roster that it can be quite a challenge to figure out how each of them works. There are various categories that each fall into, having skills that they use to fill their specific job or role. One integral component to a team’s success is a good Defender. And luckily, Cannon is one of the best ones to choose from. Let’s explain how to play as Cannon in Rogue Company so that you can earn some team wins easily.

Cannon Rogue Company: How To Play Guide

Canon Rogue Company Perks
Image via Gamer journalist/First Watch Games

When it comes to using Cannon to your team’s advantage, having him keep the rest of your team members alive is going to be essential to success. Using suppressive fire, holding down position, or clearing corridors of enemies is the name of the game when playing as this large and in charge man.

Cannon has access to the Sahara AR and the Striker 8×10 Shotgun. When it comes down to it, I typically use the AR for great suppressive fire and cover for teammates. The Shotgun is good but really only works if you’re out for yourself alone. His secondary is the LWR Revolver which is great for ranged attacks when you need to hit a headshot to down an enemy from a distance.

As for his other gear, he uses the Sledgehammer as his Melee Weapon and has both the C4 and Adrenaline Shot as Gadgets. You’ll definitely want to equip the Sledgehammer for this titan as well as the Adrenaline shot as they work with his strength and tenacity the best.

Going hand-in-hand with his large stature, Cannon’s Ability is the Gattling Gun which unleashes a devastating amount of bullets upon enemies and shoots faster the longer it’s used. It can also be mounted for a more stable shot too. His Passive Ability is called Conflicted Connoisseur and gives him a chance to gain more ammo in his clip by hitting enemies with a good shot. It also extends the usage of his Gattling Gun Ability as well.

When I play as Cannon, the Perks I tend to aim for are Energized which charges his Ability 15% faster, Evade which increases his movement speed by 15% when being shot at, Armor which grants him an additional 50 armor, Life Drain which heals him by 60 when downing an enemy, and Bulletproof which decreases damage by firearm by 10%.

Again, Cannon is a great character to use as the team’s bodyguard. Rushing enemies or trying to ambush them isn’t really the goal with this guy. He’s like the big brother who protects his younger siblings. Focus on your teammates’ situations and act accordingly to succeed.

Now you know how to play as Cannon and can put him to good use on the battlefield! Good luck!

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